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Increase your followers quickly

Instagram has become one of the reference social networks and that is why  there are more and more formulas to get followers . On Instagram there are many types of users and not all use the application for the same purposes, so you cannot make generalizations that work for everyone, but we will try to clarify the issue for those who are looking for  information on how to increase your followers on Instagram .

Is it really safe to buy followers for Instagram?

One of the most common practices for those who want to grow on Instagram is to buy followers. Logically,  a greater number of followers on Instagram endow the person or company with a greater authority . Although it is true that it does not always imply anything, the reality is many people have the figure as something really relevant and that is why there are those who decide to buy followers on Instagram.


As in any other social network, the basis of success usually lies in  the authenticity of the profile . Therefore, if you are looking for a connection with the public in the medium-long term,  the purchase of followers on Instagram can be counterproductive . The most appropriate strategy if you want to succeed over time is to opt for organic growth strategies that, although slower, establish stronger links with your audiences.

Is there a legitimate site to buy followers on Instagram?

One of the big downsides to  buying followers on Instagram  is that you don’t have control over who those people are. When you do organic growth work, you decide with which people you want to connect, either through likes or comments, but you get to know the profile and you can even analyze what their usual behavior is and if you are interested in relating to them or not.

Reaching 10,000 followers is usually one of the objectives of companies or influencers who want to have an impact and somehow make their profile on Instagram profitable. To do this, you can opt for daily work according to  a well-defined marketing strategy  or the fast track of buying followers. Neither option guarantees success, but the former is usually more effective in the long run.

So how do you get followers on Instagram?

Although the temptation to buy followers is great because it is something simple and instantaneous, there are other ways to grow an Instagram profile . One option is to share the contents of related accounts or a similar profile. Through the repost , you will align yourself with this person’s style and followers, which helps in the long run in terms of framing your account. If users associate you with that account, generally larger than yours, you will benefit.

Another way is to be the one who produces the content yourself. If these are of value and connect with your audience, your followers will become fans and will be aware of everything you do. Therefore, a tool like Sociallygo allows you a greater organic reach focused on the audience well segmented for your interests.

Difference between followers and reach

Although the number of followers can be an element to take into account, what really to take into account is the reach, which is measured based on the number of times your publications are seen . Thus, the reach can be greater than the number of followers if the content is shared and goes viral.

A good content strategy is crucial to maximize the potential of a social network as fashionable as Instagram and we can help you increase the reach of your publications .

If you want to know more about the Instagram algorithm, click here

buy followers on Instagram

How to get real followers on Instagram?

There are many strategies to get real followers. But if you don’t have the time required for a good job of acquiring followers, Sociallygo’s technology is based on artificial intelligence to get views, likes and follows naturally , without the need to resort to fake accounts or bots.

The organic growth of between 2000 and 4000 followers per month is achieved in a simple and sustainable way without having to invest hours each day. We have a team specialized in social networks that optimizes the process and we use the potential of artificial intelligence to be more precise and effective than the competition.

How can Sociallygo help me increase my followers?

Sociallygo has the advantage of offering a personalized treatment for each account . In this way, we better understand the characteristics and needs of the client to better establish the strategy and the profile of the follower that interests the most. From that, our artificial intelligence system identifies the similar accounts that are most interesting in terms of activity on Instagram.

If you do not want a temporary solution but to grow progressively, Sociallygo ensures a natural and organic evolution that will provide you with a more attractive and real image for the followers . Instagram users seek to connect with “real” people or companies, not those that connect and grow through robots and follower purchases.


In short, buying followers on Instagram is an option that exists in the market , but from our perspective we believe that a more natural interaction with your followers is more useful in the medium-long term. To avoid that your profile image is resented by the relationship with fake accounts and bots, we know how to increase followers and Instagram naturally .

If you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram without having to buy them , contact us and we will get you followers organically

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