Business Registration in Dubai is Not Tough Anymore

Dubai is a perfect hub for business activities and within two years the process of business registration in Dubai is extremely easy now.

The advancement in online technology helped the UAE business sector to gain maximum benefit and encourage entrepreneurs to start their business in the free zone of Dubai.

Business Registration in Dubai

The business registration process is transformed into a better and fastest service provider platform for startups.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development made easy steps for starters who are searching for the quickest procedure to register their firms within days.

Here are the major steps to help you with how to register a company in Dubai in few days.

Local Sponsors for Business Registration in Dubai

The local sponsor for business registration is the first major step to get approved by Dubai governmental authorities.

The sponsors can help you to solve governmental procedures which takes longer for those entrepreneurs who have not yet made a contract with local sponsors.

The 51% ownership of the company is mandatory for the local sponsors and they have the authority to cancel the company’s employees’ work VISA and close the company’s bank accounts.

The best business consultancy company KWSMiddleEast has a solution for entrepreneurs, they have the best team of experts who can help you to get the best local service agents.

KWSME can make a reasonable deal with local sponsors who can have a long-term better relation with the fresh company.

All you need to do is submit online documents of the startup business plan to KWSME and they will deal with the rest of the procedure with local sponsors.

Fees for license registration

The license is another step for business registration in Dubai, the tariff for business license depends upon the type of business you are planning to launch in Dubai.

There are three major types of license,

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License

The commercial license fee ranges from AED 700 to AED 800 and the trade license fee ranges from AED 15000 to AED 20,000.

The KWSME team can help you to give license fees in an affordable package and all of this process will be completed within a week.

Company Name Approval

The name of the firm must be approved by DED (Department of Economic Development).

The procedure was slow in last years but now you can register your company with the help of the business consultancy team online.

The KWSME can help you to get a standard application form and then submit them to the DED website.

All you have to do is provide basic necessary details to KWSME which are:

  • The name of the company meets your business type.
  • The name must not include prohibited words.
  • The name must not have an international or global word.
  • The name should be easy to understand by the local people of Dubai.

After that KWSME will send your documents to DED and will give you real-time information about the business registration in Dubai procedure.

Business E-license

The most important component of business registration in Dubai is getting a legal license for your firm.

KWSME made that easier for the startup businesses, they can get you an instant license with an online service.

You have to follow a simple procedure which is:

  • Define the total share capital of your company.
  • Complete the application form issued by DED.
  • Submit commanded documents.
  • Pay the license legal fees which the KWSME team already discussed with your company’s owner.

The instant e-license will be delivered to you within a week or two.

Submission of MOA to DED

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is an important corporate document that is necessary for startup registration in Dubai.

 To list the required tasks, make the official MOA, and then submit it to DED is an extremely complicated long procedure.

The approval of sponsors and other company shareholders is required before sending it to DED.

KWSME can help you to make MOA, get approval from sponsors, and guide you to collect required legal documents.

The required documents are:

  • Passport copies of shareholders.
  • Local sponsors UAE ID and passport copies.
  • Copy of e-license with the approval stamp of DED.

Select the office in the free zone

Business registration in Dubai can become an easy process for those entrepreneurs who have a direct link with their business consultancy firm.

KWSME is specialized not only in transferring documents but also has remarkable associates who can find the perfect place for your company’s office.

After delivering all legal forms to DED, you can search the office space in the free zone of Dubai.

The cost for a furnished office varies in different zones but KWSME has links with local landowners who can provide your office for rent at an affordable price.

Bank account

The last easiest step for registering company in Dubai is creating a bank account in Dubai.

The banking sector was the toughest phase for the entrepreneur but with the help of business consultants such as KWSME, you can create your bank account within days.

Simply submit your company’s legal documents with copies of your license and Emirates ID, KWSME will give you the best bank to perform your daily transactions or get a loan with no extra dues to pay.


KWSME is creating solutions not only for entrepreneurs, startups but is available for already established business companies who want to complete their company’s business activities.

VISA processing service is also offered by KWSME and renewing of license and business registration in Dubai is their major strength.

Visit to get informative details about registering company in Dubai with favorable packages.

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