The best five platforms to build a marketplace website in 2021

Choosing a perfect platform to build a marketplace website is essential for its online success. While developing a marketplace website, you should consider hosting, inventory management, taxation, delivery management and support etc.

If you are a startup business, you must think about the budget for developing your marketplace website. There are lots of free tools and platforms available which enable you to create your online store. However, which of the platform suits your requirement is a matter of discussion.

When you plan to develop a marketplaceyou need skills, knowledge, expertise and regular management. These are the points managed by paid marketplace platforms.

If you plan to develop a marketplace and find the best platforms for your marketplace website, this blog is for you.

1. Magento

Magento is one of the most renowned and powerful platforms. It is an open-source platform. Magento offers lots of features essential to develop a marketplace website. It offers a scalable eCommerce or online marketplace solution for your business.

It offers the source code to you; therefore, if you are a technical person, you can examine and modify it as per your project requirements. Magento allows developers to use the best features available in the upgraded version of it.

As security is the major concern for all development projects today, you must choose Magento to offer robust security to your online store. It keeps new updates and sends the patches to the users.

Moreover, Magento provides lots of extensions to the developers and helps them make a highly customized marketplace solution. Also, it offers multiple customized CSS options are available to customize the user-interface.

Due to a big array of custom options features, it is a profitable option for large-scale businesses.

2. WooCommerce (Android, iOS, Web)

There are lots of platforms that help you create your marketplace website. It is a good practice to frame a new eCommerce store rather than adding payment options to your existing website. It would be good to manage everything from a single dashboard. For a seamless experience and functioning, it is vital to create a marketplace store.

WooCommerce is the best option if you have a website built on WordPress. You can easily integrate this plugin into your WordPress website and start selling from your existing WordPress website.

It offers multiple free and paid options required to enhance the visibility and functionality of your store. It enables you to combine lots of USPS extensions, payment gateways and subscriptions.

WooCommerce allows you to customize the store as per the need. Starting a marketplace business with WooCommerce enables you to add more customers in less time and efforts.

3. Shopify

Shopify came into existence in 2004. Now it has become a renowned marketplace solution with over 175 million businesses globally. It supports businesses of all types and sizes.

Undoubtedly, Shopify is one of the best marketplace solutions for startups and big businesses that need a handy online store. Lots of required elements are already integrated with Shopify. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried about the store design, content marketing, performance analysis etc.

It offers more intuitive interfaces and store building tools. Moreover, if you stuck somewhere, its big support system assists you in all ways. You can create your templates or choose them from the existing templates.

Shopify offers multiple extensions and add-ons. In this way, it enhances developers’ capabilities to develop and customize your marketplace website.

4. OpenCart

OpenCart is an open-source PHP-based platform widely used to developing marketplace websites. It helps you to scale and run your online store easily. If you build a marketplace website, choosing OpenCart is always a wise decision. It provides lots of tools to set up your eCommerce store in less time.

It provides the best possible ways to develop and customize your marketplace store. As a perfect shopping cart solution, it also enables you to convert your online store into a multi-functional online marketplace.

OpenCart also offers a strong store management system. With tons of extensions, it helps you enhance your store’s functionality.

5. Squarespace

When it comes to a user-friendly and easy-to-use marketplace platform, then Squarespace is the best bet for you. With Squarespace, you can create your websites without any coding background.

Irrespective of your expertise, it acts like an all-in-one platform that provides tons of things to run and improve your business’s growth.

It offers multiple tools and features to develop a marketplace website. It is highly adopted and appreciated by all businesses seeking marketplace websites. Squarespace is a very effective website builder. It can help you fulfil your advanced retail needs.

It is a renowned platform known for its award-winning and eye-catching designs. Squarespace offers intuitive drag-and-drop tools and significant templates to design your online store. You can personalize and customize your marketplace as per your needs and personal style.

Wrapping up

In this blog, we have discussed the best five platforms to build a marketplace website in 2021. Having a strategic approach and perfect development platform is significant for your business’s success.

It helps you turn your development efforts into a profitable online marketplace. Set your goals, analyze the competition and choose the right fit platform for developing a marketplace website.

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