How to build an eCommerce website like Amazon

eCommerce website

The rise of eCommerce businesses has affected traditional market sales. Online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and others dominate the market due to ease of access, reduced cost, service quality and delivery. 

They utilize modern technology to make online shopping much easier for consumers. Lots of payment options, mobile applications and the latest technical features are required to build a marketplace website.

Amazon is now a billion-dollar marketplace website. More than 500 million products are listed on it. Millions of sellers and customers worldwide sell and buy products, respectively. 

If you are planning to start a marketplace startup, then it is the right time to make it done with professionals. This guide will assist you in knowing the required steps to create an eCommerce website like Amazon.

Know the must-have features of a website like Amazon:

eCommerce marketplace business like Amazon contain lots of features that enable sellers and buyers to fulfil their mutual needs. These essential features include seller and buyer dashboard, shopping cart, payment options, chat support, product listings, shipping and much more. 

Each online marketplace platform contains unique features and capabilities as per the seller’s requirements and customer’s behaviour. As a marketplace owner, you must include all required features to bring conversions, ROI and profits to your business.

Here are the must-have features that are necessary to build a marketplace website like Amazon:


The homepage is the first impression that attracts your customer towards your business. Customers always need a clear navigation system, look and feel, price details, offers and other factors relevant to their choice. You must show popular products or last viewed items, purchase history etc.

Registration and user profiles

Never think that users are only consumers. There are mainly two users in every marketplace – sellers and buyers. Accordingly, you have to frame-out a registration section for both buyers and sellers.

The buyers’ registration often asks for the email address, names and passwords and the user dashboard must show the required details to the buyer. 

While, the sellers are usually asked their firm name, GST number, bank account details, products list and other details regarding the product they want to sell online. The sellers must be capable of submitting all the required details to set up the account successfully.

UI/UX design:

While starting a marketplace business, you should focus on its UI (User Experience) and UX (User Experience). Appealing websites don’t need to lots of marketing, animations etc. 

These factors may slow down the website speed if server capacity is low like Amazon based on the modern web design technologies and trends so that even after the usage and strike of millions of users at once, it never slows down. You can check the style and technology used to develop Amazon.


There are lots of threats associated with an online business. To make your business successful, you must secure your website from unwanted access and threats. 

Use high-level encryption for the data, users’ payments, products, and other vital information to secure the data from hackers. Also, have a backup service plan and backup of your online store’s data.


When you build a marketplace website, there are lots of integrations required as listed below:

  • Chat API
  • Social media links
  • Multi-store support
  • Multiple payment gateways

Product pages

Provide ease to the sellers while they list their products on your marketplace. Easy management of the product pages helps them enlist their products and services in less time and effort. 

To encourage sellers, you can offer them different choices like add-on listing, category recommendation, error corrections, etc. Never forget image optimization while designing product pages. Use proper photo sliders like Amazon to showcase the details even with the images.

Shopping cart

It is the place where buyers store their selected products before purchase. Enable your buyers with an easy to use the shopping cart. 

Your shopping cart should be an easy view and enable the buyers to change the product details anytime they need. All purchase should be visible to them, including shipping prices, fees or discounts, payment methods, etc.

Shipping options

Amazon provides different types of shipping facilities to its sellers. This feature enables the sellers in getting an easy ship of their products to the consumers. 

Vendors can also manage the shipping as per their need. Therefore, if you offer a varied number of shipping options to them, it will encourage sellers towards your online marketplace.

Reviews and ratings

This is a big asset for the customers to give feedback for the product and service they receive from your online marketplace. It is also a big resource for the sellers to get information regarding the customer’s attention and behaviour for the offered products. 

It is a must need for you if you are thinking to start a marketplace business. Including this feature will help you check acceptance of your product from registered users.

Payment options

Integrating different payment gateways to your online store enables users to choose the best fit payment option. There are lots of marketplaces available receive payment through selected gateways like PayPal etc. 

However, Amazon provides almost all types of payment choices to the users. You never design a marketplace dedicated to a specific region, so consider different payment preferences and enable the users to choose as per their choice and ease.


Both sellers and buyers receive notifications for their activities. They must be capable of switching on and off the notifications as per their preferences. 

With notifications, sellers can get information about the product delivery, order cancellation, account changes, marketing campaigns etc. It makes one plus in the growth of your marketplace business.

Final Words

This guide describes the basics of how to build an eCommerce website like Amazon. It is now clear that while building a marketplace startup-like Amazon, there are lots of things to consider.

However, to leverage online consumers’ benefits, it is vital to include all required features while starting a marketplace business. Additionally, you must focus on launch, regular monitoring, deep testing, marketing, optimization and promotion of the site.

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