A Brief Knowledge About Mix Concrete

    about mix concrete

    Make a concrete decision! 

    Do you have a construction project to finish and want to expedite it with minimizing cost? How can you reduce time and cost together? How can you increase project efficiency? Let us tell you what you need to do! Considering the value of money and time constraint, a rational approach is it to opt for high quality readymade mix concrete. It not only saves time but also helps in cost reduction of transporting bags, renting mixture machine and cost of labor for mixing. On top of that, you get a guarantee of excellent quality with consistency. 

    Mix concrete and build strong

    The concrete is mixed in a batching plant in a huge quantity. The plant possesses the capability of producing diversified grades and strengths of premix concrete to maintain the quality and consistency. The massive range of concrete contains waterproof concrete, 1to 4 floors screed with fibers, liquid screed and other grades of readymade concrete bags. The concrete supplied complies with British standards BS EN 2061 BS 8500. The customer care will guide you about the quantity required, you can also use calculator to estimate the volume of the concrete required for your project. It is recommended to order a little more than calculated volume while purchasing. 

    Why should you go for premix concrete? 

    Reduces wastage

    The on demand delivery and service gives a cutting edge as they are delivered right at the site eliminating the unnecessary transit of bags between a concrete batch plant and job site. It leads to reduction in wastage of concrete and concrete bags while providing high quality and fresh concrete. 


    The process employs latest technological advances to bring best methods of concrete mixing and delivery such as Volumetric Mixer Trucks. The truck operators have good knowledge of handling tablet interfaces that allow real-time connectivity with head office.  


    A reliable supplier will provide high quality mix concrete with consistent ratio and their volumetric tucks help to reduce environmental impacts. It will produce precise amount of concrete according to your demand, nothing more or less. This durable and strong concrete is used for different areas like floors and walls to ensure your structure stand strong for longer span. 

    Temperature control

    The presence of an energy efficient element in the concrete helps in reducing temperature fluctuation throughout the day with excellent insulating capabilities that allows to save energy.  

    Save cost 

    Unlike on-site concrete mixing, premix concrete requires less labor, transportation and raw material storage. Renting and arranging mixing machine and equipment for the mixing purpose is a hassle and additional cost that everyone would want to avoid. 

    Storage is not a concern anymore

    You can save your storage space or don?t rent a space at all, as premix concrete doesn?t require storage of any raw material at the construction site. As you know storage is one of the main concern for most of the contractors and if that?s your case then ready mix concrete from a reliable vendor is all that you need.?

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