An Ultimate Guide On Preventing The Breakdown And Identifying Promising Upgrades With Boilers

upgrades with boilers

Do you know that boilers are among the main heating sources used in buildings and play a significant role in making indoor spaces suitable for humans? Thus, temporary boiler hire can meet the heating requirements of buildings under some of the significant circumstances. 

Common boiler problems and how can you solve them

All we know is that the boiler is the heart of your industry that’s why industries install temporary boilers to keep the working efficiency for as long as possible. 

In case your industry’s boiler is facing any serious problems, we are ready to help with all types of issues and efficiently get your central heating system back up and running. 

Issues of the boiler and their potential causes along with possible fixes:

The pilot light keeps going out

Do you know that the pilot light is the small gas burner that keeps the light permanently on your boiler? The pilot light is a common problem caused by blowing the flame out or building the gas nozzle. 

What can you do?

It is essential you must check if the other gas appliances are working. If they are not working, contact the best commercial boiler hire service. In addition, if you have lost the instructions manual; you can usually find them on the boiler manufacture website. If the issue with your pilot light persists, it may be worth replacing your boiler. 

Boiler making noise

If the boiler starts making whistling noises, the cause might be the presence of air in the system. Low water pressure can also be the cause of the boiler issue. If you are experiencing a noise coming from the boiler, don’t ignore it as there is probably a fault. 

What can you do? 

Call the boiler hire experts and adjust the setting or check the connectors if your boiler is humming or vibrating. The noise can be a symptom of a more serious fault, so don’t neglect it and make sure you contact the supplier on time. 

No heating waters 

A boiler is a key part of your industry, and you should be able to rely on it when you provide the home with heating and hot water. Unfortunately, there are likely to be several causes for this fault, many of which will require a replacement part. 

What can you do?

If you are installing boilers in the industry then you must take care of the boiler with the help of professional supplier. By your own, you must check there should be no issues with your boiler pressure or thermostat. 

Boiler is leaking

This can be a serious issue; if your boiler leaks, you must call an engineer to repair your boiler. Thus, causes can vary depending on where the leak or drip is coming from. It can also result in corrosion. 

What can you do? 

If you encounter any kind of issue with the boilers, call an engineer to repair your boiler. On your own, never try to fix a faulty boiler yourself. 

Radiators are cold

By checking the boilers, you think that your boilers are only partially warm; the most likely reason for this may be the presence of air in the central heating system. 

What can you do? 

If it seems that there is no improvement in your radiators, the system might need flushing – this means the problem needs to be checked out by a professional central heating engineer. 

Boilers keep switching off

If your boiler sounds like a boiling kettle, it might be because of the build-up sludge or scaly material that restricts the water flow and causing on and off issues. This is a very common problem in hard water areas. 

What can you do? 

Before calling a consultant, you must check the water pipe areas in your industry. If the problem is not solved then you need to call a registered professional engineer and get your boiler system replaced with another boiler.       

How to Upsurge the time of your boiler 

If you have installed the boiler into the industry, you must maintain the boiler to last the long. You need to consider a few things for the boiler:

Annual boiler service 

You need to ensure that your boiler is serviced at least once per year. If you don’t take care of the boilers, it may be dangerous to your organization and affect your pocket. 

Switch on the central heating during summer months

This suggestion will help you to increase the price of your gas, but if you have an older central heating system and are concerned about the lifetime of your boiler, you can turn on the central heating of the boiler during the summer months. 

Reason: When a boiler operates at a lower standard than normal, grit begins to accumulate on the boilers pump, which it left to build up over time will infiltrate the entire system. This step will help you save the cost of repair for your boiler. 

Switch off the central heating during the winter months

It is tempting to keep the central heating on during the winter months, but you must switch off the central heating when possible. Instead of keeping the boilers all day on, we urge you to set the heating to come on maybe an hour before you are due home and to set a constant temperature while you are in to stop the parts from being placed into overdrive. 

Don’t attempt boiler repair work on your own

The best way to ensure that the boiler lasts beyond repair is to hire an engineer who has built a career in installing and repairing it and get them to fit it. Of course, you must ensure that you check the engineer’s credentials and ensure that you get the premium commercial boiler services


The best way to deal with boiler matters is to consult the experts on time. In this way, you can save your money and avoid stress in the long run by protecting your heating system or boiler with our maintenance and service plan. In addition, if you are experiencing any kind of problem with the boiler, then replace your boiler with the help of a professional boiler service. 


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