Brain Hemorrhage, Causes Symptoms and Its Treatment.

There are a lot of injuries a person can experience. These injuries are external. These injuries are internal as well. The internal injuries are hemorrhage. When there is an injury in brain and it causes bleeding in the brain but it isn’t appearing outside, it is hemorrhage. It is very dangerous for the brain as well as for the health. It can cause damage to health. Brain damage, and comma are the worst conditions after experiencing brain hemorrhage. The mental disorder can also be the reason after someone experiences the brain hemorrhage. When you have the brain hemorrhage, Live In Care is the best treatment aside from treatment from a medication facility. Get the early diagnosis for the brain hemorrhage so that you can know the critical situation of the problem. Then you would be able to take care of the problem by having a better treatment for the brain hemorrhage. There are different causes of brain hemorrhage that one can know.

Causes of Brain Hemorrhage.

There are many Reasons for the causes of Brain Hemorrhage. Drug Addiction can cause Brain Hemorrhage. When you smoke extraordinary, in this situation maybe your blood don’t circulate properly. It can cause burst and bleeding in the brain, and stroke. If this chronic condition goes on, you won’t be able to survive.


The symptoms of brain Hemorrhage are bleeding depending on damaged tissues, the extent of the bleeding, and the location of bleeding. If bleeding is inside the brain the causes may be lost consciousness, dizziness in the eyes and sudden attack in the left side of brain that might needs an instant Palliative Care.  Here we discuss some major symptoms that cusses brain bleeding. 

  • Headache.
  • Vomiting.
  • Difficulty in Speaking. 
  • Effect on Eyes. 
  • Attack It On Left Side Arm, Leg.
  • Loss of Consciousness.
  • Difficulty To Learn And Write Speech.
  • Losing balance.


In this situation the doctors diagnose Brain Hemorrhage by MRI and CT scan. CT scan is the first option to see the bleeding area and the second is MRI. It can help and find out the area of bleeding.

Treatments of Brain Hemorrhage

If the bleeding is in the brain, the patient should be monitored very carefully. Treatment in the first stage can stabilize blood pressure and ensure normal breathing. Intravenous injections are necessary to allow the patient to take fluids or medications. 

If bleeding is inside the brain, this is severe condition, patients should be under observation and overnight care. In brain hemorrhage, bleeding can cause a patient to go in comma. Ventilators must be available to patients for their critical condition. Once the patient’s health is stabilized then doctors decide to operate the brain. In the brain, hemorrhage specialists recommend a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists treat the weak parts of the patients. These treatments can save patient’s life. 

Preventions of brain hemorrhage

Controlling High blood pressure. Have a healthy diet, and exercise daily. Keep your mind with fresh thoughts. Avoid smoking and all types of drugs. To avoid head injury and effectuated Personal Care, drive carefully with your seatbelt on.     

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