How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with SEO

Podcasts are getting more popular and the reason behind their popularity are many. Be it convenient to consume content, having valuable insights from experts, or on the access; many people have already done the podcast thing to grow their audience. But to grow your podcast, you need to think beyond creating quality content and also focus on SEO. 

Yes, you read that right, right SEO services can help your podcast channel to grow and thrive online without additional marketing efforts. In this article, we will have a look at how to grow your podcast using simple SEO practices.

First, focus on the title

Like any blog, you need to pay close attention to your podcast title and optimize it for the search engines. The title helps both the search engines and users to find your podcasts like any article or blog. While creating a title, make sure it’s not very long and it’s conveying its purpose. 

No need to make it a click bait as the results will not be that fruitful. The best thing to do is to keep your title on the point and include keywords related to it. For example, if you are going to upload a podcast on medication, you can add the targeted keyword which is the meditation to the title. Don’t try to overstuff the author name in the title if only you are going to host it. In case, if you have invited a special guest, then it makes sense to include the name. 

Optimizing the RSS feed

Most people don’t optimize their RSS feeds but it’s crucial to do so. RSS feeds syndicate the podcasts faster on all platforms including Google Play Music, iTunes, and more. 

The RSS feed contains all the important information about your podcast and the best SEO tip is to keep it updated. When you update your podcast’s title or description, you have to get it updated in the RSS feed. It generally takes around one day to reflect on the changes. Use any free tool to create an optimized RSS feed and keep updating it in case of information change.  

Support podcast with a website

Having a dedicated website will help you grow your podcast at an exponential speed. Most people just upload their podcast on the audio channel and here is where you can earn extra points. Your website is a good source to attract quality backlinks and drive traffic to your podcast.

You don’t need a fancy website with a lot of functionalities, all you need is a basic website with your podcast recordings and information about you. This will bring two benefits to you— first bring more listeners to your podcast and second will create quality backlinks. 

Also, upload on YouTube

YouTube platform is a goldmine for people who are running a podcast channel. Most people simply ignore YouTube by considering it as a video sharing platform. To gain an edge over others, start uploading your podcast recordings on YouTube. If you want, you can record video or you can use any static image that will go along with the podcast audio file.

This will not only bring traffic to your podcast and website but also help you generate additional revenue. As most people skip this platform, you can create your brand using YouTube in a smart way. You can also upload shorts from your long podcast as they are quick and handy. 

Reusing the content

To grow your podcast, you can recycle your old content and share it on your channel and other social media platforms. If you have ten podcasts of one-hour duration, you can cut numerous useful clips from them. This simple trick will help you re-use valuable content and attract more listeners to you. 

You can create graphics using any free tool and share them on social media with a link to your episode. Start pushing short content clips frequently and you will definitely notice the difference. 

SEO and podcast can go hand in hand and you need to play the podcast game smarter to gain an edge in the online world. Follow these simple SEO tips to grow your podcast and keep pushing content consistently.

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