Here is How You Can Boost the Rental Value of your Dubai Flat

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Dubai has become a global business hub, catering to organizations and enterprises of all sizes. The city has become the Middle East?s center of trade and commerce. Also, it welcomes a plethora of tourists as well as business travelers. As the emirate is situated right in the midst of the east and the west, it connects both the sides of the world. Moreover, the presence of the airport and seaport facilitates smooth logistics. As a result, business related to import, export, logistics, trading, and transportation can easily thrive in the region

The emirate has ample options in terms of living spaces. People would find plenty of houses for sale and apartments for rent in Dubai whether they are running a business here or have come to earn a living here.

If you own a house, villa, or apartment in Dubai, you have the peace of not having to deal with the landlord. At the same time, you can make it a lucrative source of income for yourself. A lot of people do this. They buy a flat and rent it out to tenants and have a continuous source of income. In case, you?re also planning to do the same, make sure to pay attention to various factors that can help to boost the rental value of your property. 

Here are a few tried and tested tips that are going to yield incredible results for you:

Keep it Simple

Minimalist d?cor and interior are trending nowadays. It makes the space look neat and decluttered. Those who rent houses or flats in Dubai are looking for a place they can live comfortably. So, a heavily decorated space is not what they would go for. You need to find the perfect balance between simple and contemporary d?cor. Also, having less furniture and things around the house makes it easier to clean. Less stuff is easier to handle. Moreover, heavy decor makes the space look overwhelming.

At the same time, dull and boring interiors could turn away a customer, and having too many colors, and fancy elements may look tacky. You can take help from YouTube and Pinterest and find some easy, budget-friendly DIY ideas to give your flat a simple yet modern look without burning a hole in your pocket. There are many things you can do from stuff that you may have lying around already and add a classy factor by spending a minimum amount of money. There are plants, a pop of color here and there in terms of colorful pots, cushions, and rugs along with the right lighting that can make all the difference in your interiors.

Fitting and Fixtures for Bathrooms & Kitchens

The two most important rooms of any house or apartment are the bathroom and kitchen. Get new fixtures for both if they have become worn out or broken. You can get the cabinets new polish or add a few additions to the sanitary fittings in the bathroom. It automatically adds up to your flat?s rental value.

Adding a few new elements here and there and maintaining the previous ones could bring you significant results. You can also add appliances to the kitchen or other amenities as well. All of these add to the value of your flat and give your property the extra factor.

Efficient Use of Space for Storage

Storage is necessary as it allows the tenants to put away the stuff they are not using currently away from sight. Although this is something to be done at the time of construction, you can add extra storage to your house or flat later on as well. There are many clever ways to use your space smartly and make extra shelves, cabinets, and closets in the doors and walls, under sofas or window seats, and other nooks and crannies. You can add floating shelves in the bathroom and hooks on the back of the doors.?

Replace or Furnish Old Doors or Windows

The door and windows of an apartment have a major impact on the layout of your flat. If your existing doors and windows are in a poor condition, replace them with newer ones. If they have some old handles or locks, you could refurbish them as vintage is pretty these days. See that they go with the rest of the interiors of your flat.

Speaking of windows, do not forget about curtains or blinds. Although all doors are important, the entrance door should be paid attention to. Go for a sturdy option that can firmly hold all the locks etc. Also, see that it creates a good impression!

There is so much you can do as far as boosting the rental value of your Dubai properties is concerned. But do not go overboard. Fix a budget and then try to do as much as you can without breaking the bank. 

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