Factors To Consider Before Booking A Reception Hall

    booking reception hall

    Did your sister assign you the duties for her wedding reception party? Well, seems like you are her favourite member in the family. We understand that you must be going crazy and the responsibility must be driving you nuts.Here?s why we have brought you some easy tips to solve the biggest problem in hosting this event, that is the venue.

    It is hard to decide and book the venue. Is it too far? Is it too big? Is it too small?

    Here are the factors which you can consider before booking a reception hall –

    1.How to know the right size?

    If you are having a hard time deciding the right size for the hall, here are a few criteria you should look at before starting to visit the selected venues:

    • How many numbers of guests will be present?
    • Type of event
    • What are the activities planned?
    • What is the theme of the decor?

    You can also discuss these points with the venue owner so he can show you the most suitable hall for the event. For instance, many reception halls in Lafayette LA are owned by the same company, so you can go to their site and check out the kind of halls available.

    2.What is the budget of the hall?

    The event is surely well-sponsored but it never hurts to save a few dimes. What can be better than finding a beautiful reception hall at an affordable rental cost? You can coordinate with the wedding planner and decide a budget you think is sufficient for the venue. Checking the facilities included such as complimentary audio and lighting services, assigned bartender or DJ is also a wise call for saving money. It also makes it easy for you to make the final decision.

    3.Is the hall well-maintained?

    While you have already checked the facilities available at the venue, it would be great if you could check the condition and maintenance of the place. Look how well maintained is the bathroom, the food ratings, check for cracks on the dance floor and assess the free parking space for your guests? Your angry aunt would hate to pay for private parking. Taking a mere troll around the hall would do the part and you would know whether signing the contract is the right thing to do or not.

    4.Do they allow outside service?

    There are times when the resort manager or venue manager insists that all services will be in-house. Those are the times you end up wondering about the baker across the street who?s cake your sister wanted. Or your best friend who promised to help you with the flower arrangements for a personalized touch. You do not want your plans to go for a toss and settle for something you don?t like, so ask the venue owner these questions in advance. You must also pick a place that is close to your vendors.

    Now that you have asked yourself these questions and tick marked these criteria that highly affect your choice for picking a reception hall, you are good to go! For the best weddings in Louisana, you must check out reception halls in Lafayette LA.

    Reception halls in? Lafayette LA allow you to have an intimate and picturesque wedding. The suburban feel of the place makes it best for small gathering events and private parties.

    The venue seems sorted, now put on your on-duty cap and start working on making this the day perfect!

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