Bodybuilding or Cardio, Which Is Better?

That exercising is good for health, everyone knows. But which is better: weight training or cardio? Which to invest in the longest? We went to investigate.

What is cardio exercise anyway?

This ” cardio ” there refers to ” cardiovascular “. These are aerobic activities, which increase a person’s heart and respiratory rates – they usually involve repetitive movements using large muscle groups. Do you know the jogging in the park or the pedalling you do in spinning class? 

So, they are two great examples of cardio workouts, and practicing them brings many health benefits, according to Thiago Moreira, manager of the Smart Fit technical department and specialist in exercise physiology. “During execution, you activate aerobic metabolism, which uses more fat as an energy source,” he says. In addition to improving respiratory and cardiac fitness, a good cardio workout done regularly, it relaxes blood vessels, aids circulation, controls weight and blood glucose. 

Bodybuilding beyond the cliché

Since we have entered the field of definitions, forget the idea of ​​pulling iron and oozing sweat to which the term is commonly associated. The training weight goes far beyond: includes power and resistance exercises you can do at the gym or at home, always with the support of a physical educator. “Only with weight training can we be assertive in activating weak muscles or those that need repair”, comments the manager of the Smart Fit technical department, Guilherme Michalski. This type of training is democratic and has important benefits. To sleep better or de-stress, go weight training.

If you are still wrinkling your nose, know that a recent study by researchers from Unifesp and USP, in partnership with Harvard University, in the United States, suggests that practicing strength exercises can reduce some types of cancer, particularly those of bladder and kidney. And more: another research, this time, produced by the Guangxi University Hospital, in China, shows that resistance training is a viable option for those who want to prevent pre-diabetes from becoming diabetes in fact.

Cardio and weight training complement each other

Okay, but so, what’s better, weight training or cardio training? The most appropriate question, in fact, should be “what is best for my purpose?”. Guilherme Micheski stresses that both modalities are essential and can act in different aspects. As already mentioned, aerobic exercise boosts the metabolism of fats. Resistance, in turn, increases strength and muscle mass. In the following, we will explain why this should not be a matter of choice.

1. Heart health thanks

No, cardio alone is not enough. For a 100% healthy heart, it is necessary to add resistance training to the routine. Researchers at St. George’s University in Grenada have found that the combination of aerobic activities and strength training brings better results to the heart as it benefits health as a whole.  

2. You lose weight in a healthier way

Losing weight is not as easy as most people would like, but a few simple measures can make a difference. A training program that includes cardiovascular exercises is one of them. “In the weight loss process, weight training maintains muscle mass. And cardio increases caloric expenditure, in addition to promoting adaptations in the body that will lead the person to burn more fat, including at rest”, explains Thiago Moreira. Try taking HGH Humatrope 72iu for better outcomes.

3. Gym without monotony

It is normal, sometimes, we feel lazy to go to the gym , socombining cardio and strength modalities can break the monotony of workouts.  

Bodybuilding or cardio: where to start and which to prioritize?

This question takes us to the depths of a rabbit hole in science. There is not exactly a consensus among experts. The American Council on Exercise (ACE), the American institution for the certification of personal trainers, says the right answer is (again): it depends on your goal. 

Thiago Moreira and Guilherme Micheski endorse. With the help of a physical education professional, it is possible to design a training routine compatible with your needs and enhance the results.

Alternating modalities day by day is always a good strategy. If you are looking to increase lean mass, for example, weight training comes first and more often in the week. It is not difficult to imagine why: you are full of energy to spend when you are rested, right?

The verdict: weight training or cardio?

Is one really better than the other? These two forms of exercise offer different benefits and can come together for the greater good – a strong body and iron health. If you can do both, why choose? Combine weight training with cardio activities and get to your best version!

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