BMW Pimp Ideas

Customizing your car even with the smallest tweaks adds a good touch of personality and even improves functionality. And car customization isn?t just for car collectors or avid enthusiasts ? everyone can do it, even those who have never customized their car before.

If you?re interested in customizing your BMW, here are four simple car customization ideas to help you get started. While these aren?t too costly, it?s best to head to a BMW repair shop in Houston, TX to hire a professional that has the appropriate mechanic training to help you.

Opt to Get Custom Wheels

From something as simple as changing your BMW?s wheels, you?d be pleasantly surprised to see how much they can change the look and feel of your car. Some custom wheels can be made from aluminum, chrome, or powder coated. There?s also a range of styles available for custom colors or spinners, just ask your BMW repair shop for what they have available if they can acquire it for you.

Get Custom Plates

While some prefer custom wheels, it can be a bit flashy for some. In this case, if you?re still looking to pimp your BMW, try going for a custom number plate instead. You can get as creative as you want, and it adds a touch of personality to your car without going overboard. For some custom plate ideas, try searching auto parts stores online or in magazines. You?ll find plenty of inspiration and more.

Play Around with the Lighting

Has your car?s interior been a little too drab for you lately? Try playing it up with the dashboard light, instrument panel lights, and other interior lights with different colors. Colors will establish a mood that has much more body to it than just the usual white light ? which can be quite harsh to the eyes as well. Other than that, you can opt to twerk the exterior lighting of your car too, such as putting up a light on the license plate system. One thing worth noting though is to make sure that these changes are safe and legal. If you?re unsure, consult with your BMW repair shop in Houston, Texas.

Try Out Engine Performance Enhancers

Last but not the least, because this one?s tricker than the others, try out engine performance enhancers for your BMW. This can make a huge difference in your car?s overall performance, like how much fuel it consumes. Other changes this leads to includes improving your horsepower drastically just by adjusting your exhaust, carburetor, or cam shaft. Be sure to check with a professional to get the best results. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your bimmer.


Adding a touch of personality to your BMW doesn?t have to be too complicated. It can be as simple as changing the tires, getting a custom plate, or adjusting the lighting. If you?re up for some work, you can play a bit with engine performance enhancers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to always check with a professional. Head on to your BMW repair shop in Houston, Texas to get started on your next car pimping project.

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