BLDC CEILING FANS – Why it is Worth Hype

best BLDC fan in India

BLDC technology fans are as close to a perfect ceiling fan as one could find in this modern era to match the generation of smart needs. With the surfeit of thoughts and research on today’s customer’s needs the versatility of the BLDC fans is unbeatable.

In addition to the unique and smart features, these fans glide smoothly to provide the coolest air. The fan market is buzzed by the best BLDC fan in India. The hype around these fans is justified as its performance and features outrun all the other conventional fans in India.

The fan does a fantastic job in energy efficiency, and it can even spin at low voltages without blowing away the motor of the fan. On top of all that, its compact size motor and 1200mm sweep-sized blades swing the maximum air and cool down the room quickly.

It has many more features and functionality before it gets more suspenseful. Let’s just see what the hype around the surrounding is worth and if yes then why so.

Let’s simplify its hype reasons based on a few metrics

Energy efficiency

Energy consumption is the criteria in every electrical appliance that can not be compromised. If an appliance or let’s just say a ceiling fan as we are talking about it if a fan consumes a higher wattage of electricity then it is not a very valued investment as it is burning a hole in your pocket in the long term that too on a regular interval of time.

Considering this and to save energy as well as your electricity bill the BLDC fans are introduced which consume only 24-30 watts of energy which is nearly 60-70% lesser than conventional fan energy consumption.


The home is your happy place and everyone misses their home whenever they seek a little extra comfort in life. The BLDC fan manufacturers have also kept in mind the comfort of their consumers as a priority while building this product. The BLDC fans never make you feel their existence while spinning as they breeze you without making any annoying noise like creaking, humming or squeaking noise.

The old conventional fan breeze mostly has annoying noise associated with it which irritates the consumer during sleeping or while doing tasks that need extra concentration and a calm environment.

Remote control

While we are talking about seeking comfort, let’s imagine a situation in which you have to take a short walk to the wall regulator to adjust the speed of your fan or switch it on or off. It might not appear as a task in a normal situation but now imagine this situation in the middle of your sleep or during the time or condition when you are restricted from movement or for old age people now it may seem a tough and effort-taking task.

So BLDC fans have seen through you and introduced the remote-controlled BLDC fans which are user-friendly and suitable for all age groups and give control of your fan speed and on/off feature at your fingertips.


In the scorching heat of summer if a fan is only the source of cooling in your household then its performance is a very essential aspect to be relied on. The BLDC fans have also given thought to this and designed their motors with compact yet powerful sweep-sized blades to swing the maximum air with the maximum rotation without being affected by the voltage changes as it can work fine even in low voltages.

The performance of BLDC fans is also commendable in inverter operations as they consume less energy and do not overburden the inverter batteries. So no need to compromise with your breeze during the massive power cuts.

Aesthetic designs and colours

The BLDC fans are designed considering the need to complement every household. It comes with so many designs, colours and even LED underlighting which makes it aesthetically charming and pleasing as well.

The fans are also available in more than 3 blades designs like 4 or 8-bladed fans which can complement the need for modern houses and modern house interiors. BLDC fans have so many options that it has something for everyone and every household to be suited for.

Value for money and cost

High performance comes with a high price. While the price tags of these fans can deter you but these fans’ features and functionality is worth your money. It shows no sign of a bad investment and justifies every single penny. If you are looking for a one-time long-term investment then paying an extra cost for the smart feature should not bother you.

Moreover, its energy-saving features make this fan a self-paying fan as it saves up to 1500-1600 INR annually on electricity bills as compared to the old traditional fans.


We hope this article has given every answer to your curiosity about the BLDC ceiling fans hype in the market. We hope this article will also guide you and will help you make the confident and right choice while opting for the right ceiling fan for your house.

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