Birthday Flowers for Him

Birthday celebration is as special for men as it is for our ladies. We might be a little biased for all our attention and pampering towards women. Male members in our life need to get their share of appreciation if not more. Flowers are yet another thing we incline towards women, men don’t like flowers is a myth. Flowers are expressions of love, life and celebration and receiving them is a delightful experience for all.

All kinds of flowers are appropriate for men, however it is often regarded as feminine. Here is a list of flowers that men would enjoy and you can order flowers online and get free delivery.

Tropical surprise

Tropical flowers have a very neutral tone, they look like a mini beach and remind you of a vacation in Hawaii. For a tropical flower bouquet you can go for the very popular ?Bird of Paradise?. A uniquely shaped flower, that yes looks like a bird. With sharp yellow petals and long green stems. Bird of Paradise signify freedom, paradise and joy.

Another Tropical one is Anthurium, easy to find. This flower has a variety of shades with open palm like petals and a yellow stigma. To give it a more lively impression you can add filler leaves and flowers like Pincushions.

Feel the joy

Bright and fresh daisies are a game changer, classic english daisies come in white and yellow shades. Perfect to represent summer and the spring season. Yellow color is believed to be a symbol of sunshine, warmth and joy. For a well balanced look go for yellow and white daisies, along with yellow roses arranged in a vase or a basket for a garden feel. Daisies are a symbol of purity, innocence, and cheer. Daisies come in a variety types, you can pick gerbera daisies for more shades. Gerbera daisies come in rainbow shades and are bigger in size as well.

Calming vibe

For a calming environment and clear, minimalist appeal you can go for white flowers. They look good in any space and instantly have a brightening effect. You can go for a bunch of white roses, for a pop of color you can add lavender stock or poms. You can also go for white easter lilies. White roses symbolize youthfulness, loyalty and love and white lilies signify purity, these flowers also have a deep spiritual meaning like transformation, rebirth and devotion. Don’t forget to arrange this in a tall cylindrical vase for a polished look.


Purple is the shade that depicts royalty, wealth and luxury. For this you can go for the all time favorite orchids. Aligned on a tall stem these flowers bloom in a beautiful array like a string of purple beads. These flowers are elegant, royal and also have a scent. You can put these in a tall glass vase or you can also go for a long lasting orchid succulent arrangement. Potted in a white planter this can be nurtured, repotted and grown over time. These would bloom every now and then if taken care of the right way. Orchids symbolize thoughtfulness, charm and refinement.

Modern take

For a modern yet artistic birthday flower arrangement you can pick a carefully curated flower arrangement that is not arranged in vase or tied up rather is assembled in a unique shape. For such exclusive pieces order online with SnapBlooms, pick up some unique flowers like chrysanthemum orchids, hydrangea, red gladioli, pincushion and some tropical leaves. To add an x-factor you can combine these flowers with bamboo like shoots in the middle. You can also create eccentric shapes with these bamboo shoots to give it an industrial aesthetic.

Little sweetness

For a sweet surprise that won?t overwhelm the receiver, if he is new to such gestures, you can go for short stem flowers arranged in a square vase. For this you can pick nude shades of pink like light light, ivory roses, cream coloured flowers. Grab some roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, mini carnations and baby breaths. This will look amazing as a centerpiece. You can get an easy flower delivery in Grand Rapids, MN with SnapBlooms.

Flowers are a sweet surprise and everyone deserves to be a part of it. Give flowers and spread joy, this birthday accompany your gift with a bunch of flowers.

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