Better materials for better doors

The doors in your home are much more than functional elements that open or close to provide privacy and security.

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What should we take into account regarding the material of the access door to our house? We find many answers and many materials, and we tell you everything in this book of ideas.

An entrance door must be resistant to the climatic factors of our region: the sun, rain, wind, high temperatures, snow, hail, can affect a door if it is not consistent enough for outdoors. We will not say that it must be resistant to bears or wolves because it would be exaggerated, but it does have to guarantee us security with respect to thieves who, like it or not, can wander our home.

Another factor when choosing material for the access door to the house is the insulating capacity it offers. It should be noted that the door, if possible, has acoustic and thermal insulation qualities.

Last but not least, is the budget issue? Each material varies in quality and also in price, and within our preferences and our pocket; we have to know what is the best and most convenient for the home.


Simply one of the most used materials for doors, both exterior and interior. And here it is necessary to clarify that to speak of wood is to speak of wood in the plural, in as much the variety, consistency and treatments of the same. In this sense, oak appears as the favorite tree for the manufacture of doors. 

At the same time, the wooden doors can have only one covering and inside they can be hollow: they are the plate’s doors, which are manufactured with different qualities, the exterior ones always being a little more solid than the interior ones.

If you like wood, and you can afford it, choose it: you will have quality, warmth and a beautiful entrance to your home for a long time. In the image above, a two-leaf door brings a plus of design to the modern hall.


Aluminum is a metal compound designed for many uses: from wiring to food wrappers. In the case of doors, it offers significant advantages, such as being light and resistant at the same time. On the other hand, it offers thermal insulation qualities, as long as it does not let heat through.

Being such a malleable material, aluminum door designs can give both modern and classic results. Being lightweight, aluminum doors are easy to install. With regard to prices, it is a relatively accessible material and good results.

Wrought iron

Nothing stronger than iron for a door. Undoubtedly, his presence alone indicates poise and strength. Iron doors can be made to order, and each fabric is original and unique. Some disadvantages, however, offer these doors. First of all the cost, since it is one of the most expensive materials. Second, its relative sensitivity to cold climates.


PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a synthetic plastic polymer, with polyethylene or polypropylene being its most common components. To give you an idea, it is the material used in pipes, since it is resistant to high temperatures, extreme cold and humidity. The doors PVC offer a reliable and safe choice for entrance doors and, generally, their costs are counted among the most accessible of the market.

It should be clarified, however, that many people flee from PVC in construction due to the emanation of toxic gases that plastic generates. In reality, noble materials are always preferable although, of course, they are the most expensive. 

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Steel is another luxury material in terms of construction and openings. However, if you have a steel door you can be sure that there will be no bears, wolves or thieves able to enter your house without invitation.

This material is resistant to all types of weather, remaining intact over the years. In any case, it is essential that the steel doors for exteriors receive an adequate anti-humidity treatment since, as with iron, this metal oxidizes with water. On the other hand, metal doors, both iron and steel, are not a good option when thinking about thermal insulation.

Glass and mixtures

We must not forget, within the materials for entrance doors, the possibility of glass, its transparency and the light that facilitates us. Glass doors can be framed and secured in different materials, such as iron, wood, aluminum, steel and PVC. In this sense, it is an intelligent option, while the glass for exterior doors receives very useful insulating treatments, while representing considerable energy savings for the home.

Finally, the mixture of materials for doors can combine wood and metals, wood and plastics, or various metals with each other, so that the choice of this opening for the door of your house becomes a more interesting adventure.

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