10 best welcoming attractions in Dubai

If you haven’t visited Dubai, you’ve missed the ultimate stopover of all times! The city is a major aviation hub that has evolved from being an isolated desert emirate to being a must-see destination of one of the world’s speediest developing cities. It holds the essence of everything from tradition to advancement that is no less to amaze the tourists from all around the world. From having the world’s tallest building to manmade islands, Dubai is undoubtedly a mixture of old-world culture and modern blend.

desert safari Dubai

The impressive hotels, old town ancient souks, scuba dive, store malls, snow parks and what not! The list will blow your mind for sure. Now if you are confused about how to choose among its never-ending charms, just scroll down your screens to know the best of them!

Top 10 Attractions Awaiting You in Dubai

1.   Desert Safari – The Natural landmark

Visit Dubai and miss its jaw-dropping attraction desert safari? Never going wrong in this case! The spine-tingling and golden land of desert safari Dubai remains the irresistible spot. The wildlife of desert safaris such as wild lizards, Wildcats, foxes and gazelles could make the best while matching any Savannah for wildlife sightings. The camel rides are the most enjoyable rides there where you could even opt for extended riding time. The extreme thrills of sand-skiing, dune-bashing, and quad biking will give you chills and is not for you if you are a faint-hearted one.

2. Burj Khalifa – The World’s Tallest Manly Miracle

Who’s unaware of Burj Khalifa? Being the tallest building in the world, it is a great skyscraper that symbolizes the city more than any other attraction. Your sightseeing trip isn’t completed yet if you haven’t visited Burj Khalifa. Rising to the height of 829.8 meters, the topmost deck on the 124th floor will draw you crazy with its breathtaking and paranormal view. Moreover, it includes a multimedia experience showing up the details of the difficulties that were faced while building this huge project. Also, the greenery of the beautiful garden existing at the ground level of the tower must not be missed!

3.     The Amazingly Carved Palm Jumeirah

Here comes the artificial island that you couldn’t miss in any case. The island is whittled in the shape of a palm tree that is home to the most glitzy hotels, upmarket global restaurants, and posh apartment towers. It is a must-go site where you’ll find the finest hotels including the iconic Atlantis. With its beach clubs with spa, infinity pools that turn into exciting nightclubs with live DJs, Palm Jumeirah is the place you would be overwhelmed to visit. A dream place, isn’t it?

4.   The Vivid Aquarium

Vibrant personalities would love to visit this aquarium to enjoy the 140 beautiful and vibrant species of fishes and other sea creatures. The central bank of Dubai aquarium holds about 10 million litres of water among which there is a huge collection of sharks and rays. It has the largest collection of sand tiger sharks all across the world. You could view the deeper end of the massive tank by glass-bottomed boat tours. Amazing, don’t you think?

5.     Deira –A Classic World of Traditional Artistry

You couldn’t miss the tradition when visiting the city filled with multiple cultures. Deira being the oldest part of the city holds multiple points of attraction. It lies to the northern side of Dubai creek where the twisted roads are home to several cultures and people where you’ll find souks or markets. The crowd no doubt will lead you to run shoulders with the locals and you’ll be amazed to get the most exquisite gold jewellery and getting exposed to the scents of multiple spices.

6.     Explore More about The City

If you have a cultural-extravagant personality, you must visit the Dubai museum. The sand-coloured, stunning Al-Fahidi fort is where the museum stands that was previously built in the 1700s to defend Dubai creek. It is the topmost cultural attraction here that amidst being ancient is richly designed with palms, coral stone, and wooden supports within the materials. There exist a fantastic exhibition of the map that shows the evolution of Dubai over the past years.

7.     When It’s Time to Collect the Souvenirs

Where are the shopaholics? People around the world visit Dubai mall to get the best from stylish stores. With more than 1200 shops, you could get an endless opportunity to satisfy your shopping cravings! Well, don’t put aside your bargaining power, you surely would need it to get the best product to avoid breaking your bank. Your shopping experience will get doubled with the gaming zone, cinema, and ice rinks.

8.     The Insane Dancing Fountain  

The spectacular displays in the evening are something that you couldn’t miss about the Dubai fountain. The illuminated jets follow the movement to popular musical numbers from all around the world. It’s no doubt the largest display choreographed of its kind. The dancing fountain is an incredible sight with the jets shooting in the air as high as 150 meters

9.     Venture to the Arabian Architecture –Bastakia   

Being a richness-trove of the Emirati heritage, the Bastakia is known as old Dubai. This district on the creek is as old as the late nineteenth century. Bastakia is majorly unchanged since then with its narrow lanes and elegant period buildings. Also, don’t miss the ceramics of the Majlis Gallery and traditional Arab furniture.

10.   Dubai Creek

Being an integral part of both modern and ancient cities, Dubai creek is the one to separate it into the Deira and Bur Dubai in north and south respectively. The iconic place will let you enjoy the traditional ambience of the golden city. On your visit there, don’t forget to have a relaxed picnic at Deira twin towers and the creek park that is among the largest ones in the Emirate.


As you go through the whole read, aren’t you indulged in the thought that Dubai holds the most heavenly yet mind-boggling adventurous place? So next time you plan a vacation, don’t forget to visit these adventure spots to have the best time of your life. Happy vacations!

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