14th Feb is the day dedicated to lovers and lovers exchanging gifts for each other. Flowers like roses, chocolates and cards are exchanged as a token of love.  People often get confused with what to buy on V-day.  Many days are celebrated preceding valentine day starting with the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day and kiss day.Here is a guide to assist those who are looking for a perfect valentine day with beautiful gifts.  You will f So the most enthusiastic people can buy different gifts for different days to express their love. ind many online stores like The Dec wizard to gift or buy for yourself beautiful useful things as gifts. The Dec wizard has some of the useful gift Valentine day?s gift ideas for 2022. There are many virtual gifts or e-gift cards that are attractive and touchy. Some are tight with budget but there are gifts under $25, $50 or $100 perfectly made for the event. In the end, what matters is useful gifts which are put to use for a longer period, isn?t it? It doesn?t seem to be a wastage of money as well for the givers. 

Lighting items

You can opt for personalized or customized lighting items for your dear and near ones. Lighting includes lamps, lanterns, Candles,? candle holders, T-light small, medium or large, candelabra? 3 Arms, Cobra pillar candle large or small, circle hurricane candle, crown candle lantern and many more.? They are one of the perfect choices for home d?cor gift items. Lightings are not only functional but also enhance the look of the house.?


Aromatic candles are the safest options to gift someone else. Also light indicates positivity and peace around.? There are different lights coming in various colours.?

D?cor platters

A d?cor platter at the centre of the dining table makes it look attractive. D?cor platters come in materials such as wood, metal like copper, aluminium with intricate designs on them.? A decorative tray is much preferred to keep in a bedroom or dining room.? Flowers, perfumes,? Jewellery, photos, fruits are some of the things kept well organized in the tray to make them look good. Such d?cor platters are used during festivals to present sweets, chocolates making them more tempting.? A coffee table tray is a great way to keep coffee ingredients in one place.?


Globes look good in homes as well as in offices. It also indicates ?you mean the world to me?. They are most suitable as corporate gifts though given as a valentine gift as well. They come in various materials like crystal, plastic and many more.?

Resin sculptures

Resins doesn?t dissolve in water and hence are used in? casting statues.? They have great quality and are light in weight. They hold good strength than other materials.? Resin statues are painted and made to look like porcelain, stone and marble.?

Home Linen

home linen is always a useful and perfect gift for anyone.? The embroidered fabric looks elegant and has standard.? Bedspreads, cushions, cushion covers, bolster, quilts,? Floral euro are some of the best valentine day?s gift ideas for 2022.?

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