Best tips to improve grammar during writing

Grammar is a subject that worries numerous studies as it could be extremely confusing and challenging at times. Nonetheless, correct sentence structure is significant for your writing and achievement, both as a learner and as a future worker. It is hence vital to know a few simple techniques to improve your grammar skills. Some of the tips that can help you improve your grammar during writing are: 

Invest your time in reading 

Reading might be the main way one could improve their grammar skills. When you read, you tend to reinforce correct grammar in your own mind. It could be especially useful if you read the content out loud, as a combination of hearing, saying or seeing help by recalling what you have learned while reading. Reading also helps you understand how different writers write and utilise explicit grammar styles, which eventually helps you to improve your own writing style creatively and excitingly.  

Learn how to write a paragraph 

An effective technique to improve your grammar skills is to start your opening paragraphs with a topic sentence, for example, a sentence that clarifies what you are planning to write about. Proceed with supporting sentences, for example, sentences that provide detailed information related to the research topic. Complete with a conclusion, for example, it is typically a summary of ideas that are established in the body of the section. Learn how you can make transitions between two or more paragraphs to specify the relationship between ideas in order to maintain fluency.

Reviewing the basic principles of English 

Taking online classes in writing and English linguistics might not be something you are keen on, it is crucial to invest a bit of your time in learning or reviewing the basic principles of English. Try to do research on some common grammatical mistakes that individuals usually tend to make when writing an essay or article.

Utilise a grammar manual 

It is helpful to always have a reference book close by that you could refer to when writing an essay or article, especially when a grammatical question emerges in order to acquire the right answer. 


There are several excellent online resources you can use in order to improve your grammar skills. A quick search on the Internet could reveal a huge number of sites that offer different grammar activities and games. After you learn in which area you are struggling with, set aside 5 to 10 minutes every day to finish grammar exercises related to the areas that you are struggling with. Even completing 2 to 3 English practice tests every day of any level could assist you with improving your grammar skills.

Listening to your instructors or tutors

When educators, writing lab staff members or writing mentors give you feedback on your writing task or assignment, pay attention to it. See whether you have a predictable issue with any topics specifically. For instance, do you as often as possible receive feedback from your instructors with regards to run-on sentences or have problems with subject-action word agreement? Assuming this is the case, ensure that when you proofread each and every assignment or task as it will help you pay more attention to specific details. It might even be a smart move to make your own customised checklist of things to know about in your writing. 

Read your written piece out loud in front of others 

Sometimes, when you read a piece or article you have written 2 to 3 times, it helps your brain fill in the gap of missing information. One does not usually catch their own mistakes when one proofread their own content. Reading what you have written to your family members or friends out loud is an effective method to assess whether you have made grammatical mistakes or not.

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