Is 2021 The Best Time To Buy Your First House?

affordable homes in Gurgaon

Are you a potential homebuyer? Are you searching for affordable homes in Gurgaon? 2021 has been a lot more challenging than 2020, and it is still going strong. As per the survey conducted in India, approximately 89% of the real estate owners think it is. Covid pandemic has changed people’s perspective and forced the world to get used to the new normal. Most of the biggest companies have changed their working habits from work from home. It has become the new normal for the world, and it is one reason people are taking a lot more interest in houses than before.

affordable homes in Gurgaon

Many potential buyers are looking for places to buy houses at affordable rates. Are you feeling left out with FOMO? You must be wondering if you should buy a house in 2021 or not? Well, yes, you can! The only thing to know this year is that today is a bit challenging and more difficult than last year, so buckle up yourself.

The downturn of the economy has tightened the lending principles. You must not value a home as a financial investment; it is better not to disappoint yourself. Prepare yourself and ask if this is what you truly desire. If you are searching for an affordable housing project in sector 95 Gurgaon, Mahira Homes is the prominent place for you to contact. Before that, have a look at the reasons why you should buy your first house in the year 2021.

Reasons To Buy Your First House In the Year 2021

Home Loan Rates Have Been Low

Looking at the course of the last few months, many leading financial organizations have shared their home lean interests with an intent to boost their potential buyers. Top banks such as Bank of Baroda and State Bank of India have lowered their fund-based lending rate to 8.30%. Other than that, private banks and institutions have also reduced their lending rates, making 2021 one of the best years to buy affordable homes in Gurgaon

Incentives Provided By The Government

The government offers many stamp duty benefits in many states such as Karnataka and Maharashtra, which had been influenced already. PM Aawas Yojna offers many other benefits while looking for affordable homes. In India, houses that worth up to 45 lakhs are considered affordable homes.

Better Deals And Offers

Owing to the distress of the covid pandemic, homebuyers are getting greater deals than before.? It is a difficult situation for middle-class families as their incomes have also been impacted. Looking at the positive side, lower interest on home loans adds a major advantage and provides a great opportunity for potential buyers to buy a home in 2021. If you are in search of affordable homes in Gurgaon, you have arrived at the right place.

Change In Working Models

Covid pandemic has changed the working models of the people. Most of the companies have permanent work from facilities. It has generated the interest of potential buyers to purchase a home to create a comfortable environment for work. Thethe survey conducted by Proptiger shows 78% of the people want to buy a new house this year, in which 47% wants to buy a larger home for work convenience.

Bottom Line:

Do you want to get a new house this year? Then, what are you waiting for? Contact none other than the best real estate dealers- Mahira Homes. Mahira Homes is an affordable housing project in Sector 103 Gurgaon, Sector 95 Gurgaon Haryana. We provide 2 and 3BHK, along with well furnished apartments. If you are searching for affordable homes in Gurgaon, this is a proficient place for you. It can be the project of your dreams, so what are you waiting for? Find your best home at reasonable prices.


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