Best Storage Peripherals In 2021

A storage peripheral device that is utilized to store the information from the computer. These devices are used to save and record data. It includes external and internal hard drives, CD-ROM and DVD drives and Flash drives. Peripherals for storage can be present in internal and external part of computer system.  They are crucial especially as a backup device. Devices that are included in storage peripherals are Flash drive, Floppy disk drive, Disk drive, CD/DVD drive. We will discuss some of the best storage peripheral devices of 2021.

Best Storage Peripherals In 2021

Best Flash Drives of 2021

SanDisk Cruzer CZ36

For years, the SanDisk Cruzer has made itself one of the most credible USB drives on the market. This year they have brought another storage USB drive that is CZ36. This Flash drive has gained that popularity with its amazing design, support for encryption and, the most vital point is its affordable cost. 

The Cruzer CZ36 has black finish and a slider of red theme. The drive possesses USB 2.0 connectivity, which is at the older part. But, the SanDisk’s 128-bit AES encryption and SecureAccess Software has made it the best choice for flash drives. Overall, the SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 is a solid selection as a storage peripheral device for securing anything from music and photos to trusted business files.

Kingston DataTraveler G4

Many people that doesn’t want to spend a huge amount of money, Kingston has come up in 2021 with a USB flash drive that offers excellent characteristics.  The company’s DataTraveler G4 starts with 8 pounds for a USB device that consists of 32GB of storage and support of USB 3.0. You can achieve this USB flash drive only for a few pounds with an immense amount of storage capacity.  For saving the drive from any damage it provides a cap. DataTraveler can be connected to a keychain in order to decrease your chances of misplacing the drive while you are on a going somewhere.

Kingston DataTraveler G4 can go maximum up to 128GB. With only 25 pounds. This is what makes it a more visible and popular option for the users.

Best Floppy Disk Drive

RAAYOO 3.5? USB External Floppy Disk Drive

The RAAYOO External Floppy Disk Drive is an economical storage device. It has gained a lot of value in a very short time.  It provides a very high casing quality that means your drive will remain save even it falls onto the ground.  That is one of its great qualities that it has a solid physical strength. Sliding disks into it work out rapidly without any delay. Another good aspect is its untroubled ejection function.  

One of the specifications that separates it from others is its read and write speed that other floppy drives might not afford. It has a standard storage capacity of about 1.44MB so you can read and write approximately up to 500Kbits per seconds.

Zmarthumb 3.5? USB External Floppy Disk Drive

Similar in design like RAAYOO, it is only a little bit higher in size than some other floppy disk drives. A different point of it is the long cable that is attached to the device. This drive is capable of working with any type of windows from 98 up to Mac.

It can easily plug in and can work without creating unnecessary barrier. It means it will provide a safe mode of working. Moreover, it can perform with any disk size that either comes in DD (720Kb) or HD (1.44Mb).

Best Disk Drive

Seagate FireCuda

Seagate FireCuda has the capability to convert both type of storage medium into one. It offers an embedded 8GB NAND with another tremendous storage facility that reaches up to 2TB. It has a great speed of read and write. With all this it comes up with SATA 6GB support that will make possible of providing a speed of 140MB/s. In the field of games it might take some time of loading but afterwards it will be fine.

However, the main thing is that FireCuda has come up to upgrade the mechanical hard drive. It is an honest aspect that it provides everything that is mandatory for ide storage even without spending a lot. Without any doubt that the performance it gives is noticeably higher than 7200rpm HDD.

Best External DVD Drive

Dell DW316

The best External DVD Drive in recent days is Dell DW316. It is very lightweight with solid frame. It gives all the main features that are crucial for storing data. Mostly it pairs up with the computer of Dell but it doesn?t mean it will not operate with other. It can also perform well with other brands that possess USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. With all this it is available in an affordable range that can provide 8X DVD read speed along with 24X CD.


Storage peripheral devices are a significant part for the storage of data. It works more and becomes essential when you need to keep data as a backup. Moreover, if you have to carry a lot of data without taking an electronic device to your business place. Then these devices become the source of great existence for you. These devices can either be external or internal but most important is that it saves a lot of precious data in compact form.

We have discussed some of the bets peripheral devices from the category of Flash drive, Floppy disk drive, Disk drive, CD/DVD drive. In the end, we hope that this discussion will make things easy for you regarding the best storage peripheral in 2021.

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