Best Special Honeymoon Travel Places in Seattle?

Today we will have a virtual tour to Seattle, which is located in the US. This city houses many captivating tourist attractions. If you are keen to visit this city, book cheap flights to Seattle and fly sporty.

Check out the popular destinations of this city:

Pike Place Market

This marketplace is among the most famous places in Seattle and is the oldest running market of farmers. There are more than 100 years old that was established in 190. This was renowned by the handful of local farmers. Here you will find shops and stalls though it doesn’t only sell fresh produce. You can find a huge assortment of goodies. Being one of the best places in Seattle, you can find many entertainment spots here, top-rated food eatery shops. You will be amazed by the lively vibe and the animated buskers over take out some time and visit this full-of-life market.

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Space Needle 

This center is the most famous landmark in Seattle and a part of the much larger Seattle Center, which we will discuss later. It was constructed in the early 1960s for World’s Fair. Now this place is a major sight on the Seattle skyline. Here you will find a huge tall soaring tower that stands at 184 meters tall. You will be allowed to reach the top and get a stunning extravagant view from the observation deck. This has stretched far into the distance. Get mesmerized by the beauty and enjoy the wine bar that is available here.

 Alki Beach 

If you are bored of roaming in the building and craving some open fresh air, then this place would be perfect for you. This fabulous place is a must-visit for a scenic stroll on any dry day. This being a terrific spot where one gets to relax and destress in the sunshine. This Alki Beach attracts several tourists every day. The soft clay sand, the rocking waves, the sandy shores and rocky stretches make a perfect holiday destination and spend the whole day in the laps of nature. Come here to enjoy and play with the tide pools. Visitors will find a restaurant to eat and drink nearby the beach.

To enjoy yourself in this beautiful place, get your flight tickets to Seattle and rush to this city. 

Seattle Center 

This is a major destination when visiting Seattle that was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. This is a home for the famous Space Needle, a complex that contains many attractions and activities. You can spend a full day here and enjoy the relish feel.This center provides many arts like the performing arts, sports, education, culture, history, architecture, and entertainment. This also includes many famous statue sculptures.

You will be amazed by the facility this center offers, like places to eat, drink, and shop. Come over here during the various festivals hosted with full enthusiasm at the center, like the yearly PrideFest.

James Cathedral

This popular St. James Cathedral is one of the major religious places to see in Seattle. It was built in the early 1900s and attracted more than 5,000 people for a ceremony to lay the cornerstone. This is a quite popular active place of worship and possesses a very impressive building from the outside. There are large collections of artworks that include rare pieces inside of this Cathedral. This serves as a religious spot to visit and get a peaceful atmosphere here with a spiritual serene.

Admire the building’s 


This is Central University and is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Seattle. This holiday destination has many lookouts and is known for its countercultures. There are many tech-loving folks, creative souls, artists, foodies, shopaholics, artworks from famous artists and more. This place is though small but very easily reachable and explorable. Here you will grasp the public art that fills the streets and many variant landmarks, attractions, eateries, bars, and shops.

Dr.Jose Rizal Park

This is a beautiful park located in the city center and is named after a Filipino hero Dr. Jose Rizal Park. This place is lesser-visited spots as seated on the slopes of Beacon Hill. This huge park covers an area of about 9.6 acres. Get a stunning view from the top spot and enjoy the peaceful outdoors.

These were some of the famous sites in the city. Get out of the same monotonous life and book your flight booking to Seattle to have the best holiday.

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