The Best Most Recommended Andrologists in Jaipur

    andrologists in jaipur

    Thousands of people come to Jaipur every month, seeking the best treatment for their male sexual problem. Finding the best health expert in the city is not as easy as it may seem unless you are recommended for a consultation with a particular doctor. 

    Notably, about finding the best andrologists in Jaipur, I recommend that you must visit IASH: Institute of Andrology & Sexual Health Jaipur. When I was suffering from sexual dysfunction, it was pretty hard for me to deal with them until I consulted the expert doctor Chirag Bhandari at this hospital.

    IASH Jaipur is a one-stop solution for all the male sexual dysfunctions under one roof. With the team of experts who are trained with the latest international research and technologies. The hospital is equipped with the latest & advanced to treat various male infertility issues in no time. With the experience of more than eight years as an andrologist, Dr. Chirag Bhandari is practicing and treating people suffering from male infertility issues. 

    The Best Most Recommended Andrologists in Jaipur

    The Hospital is a super multi-specialty hospital that is professionally managed and fully- equipped hospital with the latest machines, quality medical care, and highly experienced specialty doctors. Dr Chirag Bhandari heads the team of fertility experts at IASH Jaipur. After completing his mater?s from Pune, India Dr Bhandari underwent various international research by the world?s best male fertility experts in different corners of the world. He is also a certified Andrologists

    Treatment Provided By Dr Chirag Bhandari

    After undertaking various international researches on male reproductive health problems, Dr Bhandari has applied all the experience in treating infertility. He is an expert on subjects like Peyronie?s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction. In addition to Penile Prostheses Implantation, Microsurgery, Penile Rejuvenation, and Premature Ejaculation.

    The Best Most Recommended Andrologists in Jaipur

    Treatment provided by Dr Chirag Bhandari are for: 

    • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
    • Male Infertility Treatments 
    • Penile Rejuvenation ?
    • Penis Enlargement
    • Couple Therapy

    Experience of Dr Chirag Bhandari

    After completing his master?s from Pune, India he worked in the Urology department at Bhandari Hospital and Research Center, Jaipur. He was moved by the current sorry situation of male patients over infertility issues like premature ejaculation, male infertility, and many more. He saw the patient?s depression and worry related to these problems which have caused them mental, social, and emotional stress and how it affected their quality of life. And that?s when he decided to upskill himself in the field of male sexual problems. He got his training from UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON HOSPITAL; one of the world?s best Sexual Health Institute on issues like Male Reproductive & Health Issues.?

    Various International Research experience by Dr Chirag Bhandari :

    • He underwent training in Andrology and Sexual Health Issues from University College London Hospital.
    • He met with the most renowned Male Sexual Health experts and discussed the efficacy of new technologies used for treating impotence in Taiwan.   
    • He learned and discussed the methodology of Penis Enlargement and the lastest treatments for Premature Ejaculation where he was invited by Korean doctors.
    • Dr Chirag Bhandari gets down to training where he learned the latest non-invasive Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence. His training went under the guidance of Dr Dimitrios Hatzichristou, Professor and Chairman, 1st Department of Urology at Aristotle University/Institue.  
    • He enhanced his microsurgical skills in ?Potency Reconstruction? from DR. GEON LONG HSU ( world-renowned andrologists in TAIPEI, TAIWAN.)
    The Best Most Recommended Andrologists in Jaipur

    Referrals of Dr Chirag Bhandari in Jaipur

    When I was going through the exploration, I pen down some things which I needed in my hospital. I started my research by asking out people I know, and during that time, I heard of IASH Jaipur and Dr Chirag Bhandari from my friend who had the same fertility issues as mine, which now is completely cured by the hospital. He shared with me his experience with the hospital, whether it is the procedure, doctors or the latest technology that they used in the surgery. After hearing of the hospital, I took reviews from a family doctor and my friends who are in the medical field. The reviews were very positive and contended. 

    I took the help of Google and other platforms for a better understanding of the clinic. I checked platforms like Justdial, Practo, Myupchar, Meddco and many others for the analysis. The patients gave countless reviews on various platforms about the clinic and the team of doctors. The studies were more than satisfying, and after that, I decided to consider IASH Jaipur for further process. The hospital had received some stellar comments from the patients. 

    Clinic Quality of Dr Chirag Bhandari

    I finally decided to visit the hospital and to meet with the doctor for consultation. They showed me the labs, the latest machine used for the treatments, quality care they provide and much more. I met with the doctor and shared my concern related to sexual dysfunction, and I can say that I made a good bond with them. 

    As a patient, it is essential to make a good bond with your doctor because you?ll be sharing susceptible things with them. And it becomes very comfortable to share your problem if you have that bond which I made with Dr Chirag Bhandari.  

    The Best Most Recommended Andrologists in Jaipur

    My Experience with Chirag Bhandari

    The quality care and the hospitality IASH Jaipur provide are exemplary. Dr Chirag Bhandari has been on the best and the most perfectionist doctor I?ve ever seen. He?s Not only friendly with his patients but also serious when it comes to their care, including me. I am delighted with my experience at the Institue of Andrology & Sexual Health, Jaipur. 

    I?ve undergone the treatment provided by Dr Chirag Bhandari, and all I can say is that he made me feel like I was in a safe hand. He is no doubt the best doctor in Jaipur for sexual dysfunction treatments. I am entirely cured of the sexual illness I had in the past and living a better life. They provide the best hospitality and care for their patients and treat them with utmost care and love.

     I genuinely recommend IASH Jaipur for Male Infertility Treatments and Consultation in Jaipur.

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