Best Puzzle Game for Children

Puzzle games are great for mental exercise and sharpness. Even in adults, puzzle games keep your mind engaged and improve your mental ability and solving skills. For children, developing these traits in them is crucial. For these reasons, puzzle games are a very beneficial thing for kids. They help kids develop mental sharpness and problem-solving skills. It’s a great exercise for one’s brain to solve puzzles.

lego night mode

Now, puzzles are not just numbers or pieces to be put together on the page. Puzzle games include anything that needs kids to put things in an order and give a proper shape to the final product. Lego sets are a great example of puzzle games since they include putting pieces together in order to make a definite shape or structure.

Lego Sets as Puzzle Games

Building a full Lego set is very much like solving a puzzle. You need to figure out the order and the arrangement of the pieces in which they are to be put. By joining the bricks and pieces in the right arrangement, you get a final product, and hence the puzzle is solved.

There are multiple benefits for your children in playing such games.

  • It teaches them structure and order.
  • It enhances their mental sharpness.
  • It keeps their minds engaged.
  • It improves their creative streaks.
  • It develops their organizing skills.

Building Lego sets alone is a great entertaining and engaging experience and sport for your kids. However, you can make it even more fun and useful by adding particular related accessorizing aspect. One of these such aspects is Lego light kits for when you need to display your creations in Lego night mode.

Most light kits are easy enough for kids to install themselves with a bit of adult supervision. It is another fun and interactive activity for you to do with your kids. It will further enhance the creativity and productivity in your child’s mind. Installing lights in all the appropriate places within the set and further joining them with expansion boards and connecting cables will give your child plenty to do. It will also be improving the child’s cognitive and creative abilities and polishing their organizing skills. And they can proudly display their creations in lego night mode then.

Lego Night Mode

Game of Bricks has everything to cater to your lego lighting kits needs. You will find awesome and reasonably priced lighting kits for all your lego sets as well as custom creations. If you need lighting for a specific set, get the full lighting kit box made for that particular set. Make sure you build the set completely before installing the lighting kit so that you can easily figure out what goes where. Besides complete sets, Game of Bricks has individual parts to be used for lighting up your custom Lego creations too.

Lighting kits, till now, have been a speciality of third-party companies. However, Lego’s official Lead User Club did a display called lego night mode, which included lighting kits for lego sets like Hogwarts Castle, Tree House and Andrea’s Pool Party. Lego has probably noticed the market value of lego lighting kits and might be including them in its range of products in future.

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