4 Best Practices to Create High Converting Facebook Landing Page

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    Many brands promote their products on Facebook because of their reach. Getting your loyal fans to convert to customers is a pretty straightforward process on Facebook. The only aspect which needs to be taken care of to convert your Facebook audience is to create a compelling landing page.

    What is a Facebook landing page?

    A Facebook landing page is the web page the visitor lands on after clicking your Facebook ad. It is the page where they perform the desired action you want for that page.?

    funnel builder software

    The sole purpose of creating a landing page is to convert your visitors into customers. If a landing page is implemented with intelligent funnels, using any funnel builder software can significantly increase sales and conversions.

    In this article, we have listed down some of the best ways to optimize your Facebook landing page to increase the conversion rate of your product:

    Tips for creating an optimized Facebook landing page

    Write a catchy headline.

    Having a catchy headline with strong Call-To-Action words plays a crucial role in getting more engagement on your landing page. One of the best practices is to have the same headline on your landing page as your Facebook ad copy. 

    You have the same headline at both places will remind the user why he has clicked on your ad copy in the first place. For inspiration, look at the headlines of popular magazines. 

    Try to include the powerful words and most important benefits of your product or service. You can also have the most common problem related to the product in your headline. Make sure not to complicate it; write a standard and straightforward headline for your landing page.

    Show an attractive offer.

    Make sure to list out your product?s unique selling points to convince the users to buy your product. In short, make the users understand what makes your product stand out from the competition and why they should choose you over the competitors?

    List out the points that define how your product solves the needs of your target audience and try to include the sense of urgency to purchase your product.

    Try to include a timer on your landing page to avail the discount. It creates a sense of immediacy for your product and compels the visitor to take action quickly.

    Use creative images and videos.

    As discussed above, highlighting the Unique Selling Proposition of your product helps in selling it faster. Try to highlight the USP of your product on your images as well. It allows users to clearly understand what they can expect from your product, even before they click on your ad copy.

    For example, if you are trying to sell a baby product, highlight the USP, like how it is helpful for new moms? How baby-friendly is your product? And why should someone choose your product over the competitors?

    Having an image that provides continuity between your Facebook ad and your landing page helps drive better conversions.

    Also, make sure to use highly optimized creatives that are for mobile devices. Failing to optimize your creatives for mobile devices can doom your entire campaign.

    Implement a direct call to action

    Having a great headline without a Call-To-Action will not bring in optimal conversions. Gone are the old-school methods of including ?Click Here? ?Buy Now? phrases in the headline. A Call-To-Action is a phrase that motivates your visitor to perform the required action on your website by creating a sense of urgency.

    Here are some examples of the most commonly used CTA phrases:

    Click Here: This phrase sounds too vague and does not provide a clear insight to the user on what action to perform on your landing page. Hence, the chances of conversion are less with this phrase.

    Learn More: This phrase is too vague for the user to understand what action to perform.

    Subscribe: This is a pretty simple and effective CTA phrase if the ad copy is relatively correct.

    Try For Free: Provides clear insight to the user that the trial period offered to use your product free of cost.

    Contact Me For More Information: This kind of CTA is suitable for a service kind of landing page.


    The complexity of your Facebook landing page entirely depends on the type of action you want visitors to perform. Like any other marketing campaign, the Facebook landing page must fulfill the intent of the users. 

    However, by implementing the guidelines provided above, we are sure that you will achieve an excellent conversion on your Facebook landing pages and provide a better experience to your visitors interacting with your brand.


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