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AC used to remove heat and moisture from the interior or any occupied space to improve the comfort of people. Air conditioning can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes as per their lots of benefits in day-to-day life. The air conditioner is most commonly used to achieve a more comfortable interior environment, for humans and animals; however, modern air conditioning systems are used to cool and dehumidify rooms filled with people and heat-producing electric devices.

Picking a single air conditioner from a variety of established brand is never easy because many of them have the same features and performances. So, how to choose the Best AC in India if you don�t have proper knowledge and guidance. Purchasing an air conditioner for home is just a few hours ago after days of research and analysis and considering to buy an air conditioner.

Purchase the ones that are not wasting your money and harming your health by using low-standard and inefficient air filters that are unable to remove dust, pollens, animal fur from the indoor air, these allergens can lead to breathing and other respiratory disorders. Such low-grade air filters are fitted in the air conditioners by some manufacturers just to surge their profit and lure innocent customer.

The Golden Rule To Pick The Best AC In India

Try to buy 5 stars rated air conditioner for flawless cooling and great energy saving at the same time. The AC star rating is given by (BEE) bureau of energy efficiency, a govt. of India body. Instead of picking brand, one should buy an air conditioner inside the budget, technology required, inverter or non-inverter, compressor or reciprocating, type of cooling gas, and energy efficiency.

If you focus on star rating, per hour power consumption, energy efficiency, and users ratings then it will be your worth purchase. Now, you have to pick one between a split and a window air conditioner depends upon your preference and the place available for installation. Split air conditioners are suitable for those environments where there is no window to install an air conditioner.

In addition to these split air conditioners, they also make for an overall experience as the indoor unit and the outdoor units are separate in terms of cooling. Since most of the processes involved in air conditioning occur in the outdoor unit only, the interior of the home stays well insulated from the outside heat. On the other hand, window air conditioners are relatively cheap and are easier and cheaper to service as compared to split air conditioners in India. Ask the following questions before choosing the best air conditioner.

?        What should I consider when buying an air conditioner?

?        Which type of air conditioner should I buy from Window and Split?

?        Is it best to go with an inverter air conditioner over a regular split one?

?        What are the benefits and drawbacks do inverter air conditioners?

?        What difference would I see in energy consumption between the two type�s portable models?

?        What capacity of air conditioner should I buy as per my domestic use?

There Are Some Basic Parameters To Narrow Down Your Search For An Air-Conditioner

?        Type – such as window, split, tower, cassette

?        BEE Bureau of Energy Efficiency ratings as 5, 4, and 3 stars

?        Compressor motor technology as fixed speed or inverter

?        Type of condensed oil used like 100% copper or aluminium alloy

?        The refrigerant used R32, R410A, R290, R600A, and R22

?        Air Filter – PM2.5, Anti-Bacterial

?        Ambient cooling temperature – 50�C, 52�C, 54�C and so on

Best Portable AC In India and Its selection parameters

Portable air conditioners are now a trending cooling appliance for the summer as you can use them instead of air coolers. Being a new concept in the market, there are not many reliable options available in the market. Many manufactures deals in portable air conditioners that you can search for some of the best portable AC in India that have come across. Apart from the best portable air conditioners, there are some other good products that you can choose from. Being a renowned AC manufacturer, they have to build trust among the customers.�

Portable air conditioners, shortened as PAC, are air conditioners that are easy to move from one place to another. Think of them as self-contained cooling systems that are capable of cooling a single room or maybe more as well. Unlike the conventional window ACs, it sits on the floor and usually has wheels for easy mobility. With an easy installation kit, it is known for seamless and quick setup. These features are a must to have in the best portable air conditioners.

The Standard Room Measurement And Their Suitable ACs

The world is become a hot place due to climate change that caused the summer to be almost unbearable in most of the regions. Stop your home from becoming a real hell, as you urgently need the best portable air conditioner for multiple purposes. The air conditioners are designed for rooms of specific sizes as some are built for small size rooms, measuring not more than 200 square feet, whereas others are made for moderate size rooms more than 200 and less than 500 square feet.

On the other hand, some models are designed for large room�s ranges up to 500 square feet and more. Consider the size of your room if you want to buy an appropriate AC unit. A portable air conditioner is an easy moving system suitable for a single room or used to assist a weak central AC system. They are mobile and self-supporting which makes it different from the window AC unit. There are quite several portable air conditioner are there to cool your space.

All the best portable air conditioner works with the help of gaseous refrigerant introduced to the system is the needed amount. When the gas is in low quantity, it is sent to the compressor where the gas is pressurized and turned to high-pressure gas then it sent to condenser coils, evaporator coils, and blower to complete the process. Portable air conditioners offer a smart design that permits them to become proper for home purposes.

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