The Best Places To Visit In Liberia

Liberia, the country of Western Africa, covers an area of 111,369 square kilometres and is the home to lush rainforest and rich diversity. The country is located between Guinea, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast to its north, north-west and east, whereas the Atlantic Ocean is to its south and southwest region.

In recent years Liberia has become a popular tourist destination and if you also have this place on the checklist Allegiant airlines ticket booking to start your wonderful journey. But before you plan your trip you know the top attractions and must visit a place so that your adventures double and mark it as a never-forgetting ride. With that said, be ready to fall in love with this country.

The Best Places To Visit In Liberia


Liberia’s capital city is Monrovia, located 50km from Roberts International Airport is the largest city and an attractive tourist spot. The city has famous places to visit. So, once you land in Monrovia Roberts by allegiant airlines flight, first relax and then plan for the rest of the day.

Start by visiting:

Providence Island

It is a tourist attraction because it reminds the history of the city. It is the first place where formerly enslaved Americans landed in 1822. A metal tree at this heritage site represents the slave trade and the need for peace.

Cece Beach

CeCe Beach, 62km west of Monrovia, is perfect for destressing, swimming and chilling. A must-visit place when you are in Monrovia. You can have fun, enjoy and gather memories while enjoying the cool breeze simultaneously.

Liberian National Museum

This museum perfectly holds Liberia’s tradition, culture, and history and is worth visiting. You can see tribal musical instruments, painted masks, and other crafts from different tribes.

Lake Piso:

Half-day drive from Monrovia, Lake Piso is beautifully scattered in 40 square miles of salty water. It is an open and huge lagoon home to a wide range of fishes, sea birds and mammals, including monkeys, antelopes, and crocodiles.

When you are in Liberia, you must visit

Sapo National Park

It is home to wildlife, including chimpanzees, forest elephants, pygmy hippos and more. Stretched in more than 1800 sq. km, Sapo National Park has 590 types of birds and 125 mammal species (highest in count). Some of the animals you can see here are African golden cats, Liberian mongoose, grey parrot, leopards, hornbills, kingfishers, Giant Forest hog, etc.

Kpatawee waterfall:

Located 110 km away from Roberts Intl Airport, Monrovia in Bong country. When booking allegiant airlines Flight ticket you can also keep this place on the visit list for exploring the chilly and rejuvenating cascading waterfall. The waterfall is a famous tourist attraction for hiking, swimming, relaxing and hearing the rushing and dripping sound of water.


Another city located 52 kms from Roberts Intl Airport is a fine introduction to the coastal character of West Africa. The city has a collection of beaches, bars and restaurants to enjoy and camp.

So, these were some of the best places you can visit once?allegiant book a flight?for Liberia.?You can visit some other places if you have enough time like; Wulki Farms, Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, Ducor Hotel. However, if you are planning a ride, it is best you plan a vacation during the month of April-August.? During this month, you get the full experience of the ride with great waves. So, when are you booking?an Allegiant airlines Flight ticket?to Liberia?

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