Best places to retire in Southern New Hampshire

Choosing a place to spend your golden years is such an important decision. After years and years of working and sacrificing for your family, job, and other things, now it’s finally time to enjoy your life to the fullest. That’s why the location you move to needs to be perfect. In this guide, you’ll find out the best places to retire in Southern New Hampshire and the best ways to do it stress-free.

Why look for a new home in Southern New Hampshire after retirement?

Retirees often have doubts about whether they should move to a new home. If you’re one of them, let us help you out. Even though planning the move and choosing a new home can be overwhelming, it is beneficial for many reasons. Here are some arguments why you should need a new home after retiring:

  • you can choose a nicer, quieter place to live –fortunately, you can find plenty of those in New Hampshire and spend your golden years peacefully;
  • downsizing – retirees often choose a smaller home and therefore become more financially relieved. This state offers some very affordable properties for both buying and renting a home, so you can surely find the one that suits your budget;
  • being closer to family – once you’re no longer tied to your work offices, you can move and be closer to your children and grandchildren. This is an excellent opportunity to spend more time with them and enjoy your retirement days;
  • a fresh start – moving to a new location is an exciting, fresh chapter in your life. Choosing a new place to live gives you more opportunities to explore new areas, travel more, etc. New Hampshire has some fantastic spots you need to see, and moving here will allow you to do that.

As you can see, there are many benefits of choosing a new home for your retirement. And don’t be bothered by the complexity of the moving process – you can easily get assistance from the professionals in this area and make Southern New Hampshire your home in a few easy steps.

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Where to move – the best places to retire in Southern New Hampshire

Finally, we’ve come to the list of the best locations in the state’s southern part. There are several excellent options, as New Hampshire is in the top ten states to retire. Great nature, lower living costs, and special financing programs for retirees have made NH one of the favorites. Therefore, we picked the most suitable places for retirees – safe, peaceful locations that offer different entertainment options and a healthy lifestyle.


Let’s start with the capital of the state. Concord is a peaceful place to live, which is why it’s perfect for retirees and people raising families. It offers a low cost of living, a suburban environment, and plenty of things to do. The strongest point of the city is its location. It is located in the central part of Southern New Hampshire, which allows proximity to some great sites, lakes, mountains, and the coast. It’s a safe place to spend your retirement days, so you should definitely consider Concord as your new home.


If you’ve lived away from the coast your whole life, maybe it’s time for a change. Portsmouth is a coastal town in Southern New Hampshire, which attractsmany new residents each year. A vibrant place with many historical locations will make you fall in love with its charm right away. There are so many restaurants to choose from, theatres, etc. Also, the location gives you easy access to Boston, so you can visit the big city every time you miss the city buzz.

You can live close to the coast in Southern New Hampshire, but also to lakes, mountains and forests. alt.tag: a retired couple in one of the best places to retire in Southern New Hampshire


Located just a short ride away from Manchester, Exeter is undoubtedly one of the best places to retire in Southern New Hampshire. The place is often included in worldwide top lists for great retirement locations, so you should consider it for your new home. Affordable cost of living, great location, and historical vibe make it very charming and attractive to new residents.


This lovely town is located right outside Manchester, which gives it a great location and easy access to the other parts of the state. Even though it’s a great place for retirement, its population does not consist of mostly older people. This is good news for those who want to spend peaceful retirement days but among a slightly younger generation.  Londonderry is safe, quiet, and has friendly residents, which will make the adjustment period much easier for you. The best part is that local moving companies provide reliable but affordable moving services, so you don’t need to worry about relocation. My Brooks Moving can assist you with packing and safe delivery of your items to the new location. It’s a simple and stress-free way to move house after retirement.

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Moving after retirement – should you go for it?

If there’s one thing you want to change after retirement, it should be the location of your home. We know that choosing among the best places to retire in Southern New Hampshire is not easy, but you should make this decision considering your personal preferences and needs. It is the only way to find a truly great place to live and enjoy it to the fullest. New Hampshire also offers retirement communities that can be much more beneficial for some retirees. And the rest is only a matter of organization. Certainly, relying on professionals has always been the simplest way to go – just be sure to pick reliable companies that know this area well and can help you out.

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