Your guide to Best Ophthalmology EHR software in 2021

EHR in Ophthalmology Settings

EHR, also known as electronic health records or EMR, is software that allows medical practices to carry out clinical processes in an effective way. Especially in the ophthalmological setting, the use of the best ophthalmology EHR, and a specialized one at that, can really help physicians and clinicians improve the efficiency of the practice while delivering top-notch care to their patients at the same time. 

Essential Features for the Best Ophthalmology EHR

Because Opthalmology is a specialized field of medical care, the EHR software used in collaboration with these services must provide specific features to deliver that care effectively. Here are some of the features of an EHR system that will make it stand out for ophthalmologists: 

  1. Image-sharing facilities should be available to the patients. Because of the imaging requirements in the ophthalmology settings, which can require scans and other imaging tests, your EHR must support high-quality and secure transmission of images online to facilitate communication.
  2. Specified templates can deal with medical issues such as ocular surgery, laser surgery, cataracts, and blurred vision, amongst others. 
  3. Integration with labs, testing, and prescription models will allow patients visiting your practice to get all their information and directions in one place. 
  4. A patient portal with the ability to showcase all communication and billing requirements will make it easier for you to contact and interact with patients routinely.

The Best Ophthalmology EHR 


Athenahealth offers EHR solutions to medical practices, providing specialized and customizable software that can work excellently with the needs of your ophthalmology clinic. Armed with a HIPAA certification, athenahealth ensures all the documentation is done at your practice is compliant with the law. It even offers additional packages that will make engaging with patients all the easier. The fact of the matter is, athenahealth has explicitly been created so it can work with all kinds of practice structures, whether giant enterprises or small independent clinics and everything in between. 


If you want to tackle both the clinical documentation at your practice and at the same time also confront the patient management system, the best ophthalmology EHR for you has got to be eClinicalWorks. This integrated software makes sure to address all your worries with a two-pronged approach to make sure both the clinical and administrative staff find their work made more efficient and user-friendly.

eClinicalWorks is active across various devices, making it the ultimate tool for every one of your opthalmological staff to access information such as patient charts and records on the go, especially when set up on the cloud-based network it offers. 


Cerner’s EHR software is divided into three main modules – ambulatory tracker, caretaker, and Cerner millennium, which cover EHR tools, patient management, and specialized tools for enterprise businesses with a large number of employees and departments. Cerner’s e-prescription model also allows a smooth disbursement of prescription and refill requests while at the same time providing patients with relevant and updated information on medication pricing. 


Next on our list of excellent EHR systems developed for the ophthalmology practice is AdvancedMD. The software provides top-notch features such as creating and utilizing an intuitive dashboard that is regularly updated with new information. Users can log in and see all necessary tasks within the space and find out what needs to be done to up the efficiency of the entire department or practice. Not to mention the app that AdvancedMD has put out for mobile devices allows physicians and clinicians to get all the patient information on hand even when they’re not at the office. This can enable faster communication with patients, regular updates on progress, and chronic care management that is supervised under the watchful eye of a specialist in the field.

Amazing Charts

Finally, Amazing Charts is a wonderful EHR tool that works well in an ophthalmological setting – although Amazing Charts has been specifically created for small businesses, it is well known throughout the nation because of its ease of access and affordability, which makes it a lucrative option. Aside from the options you have from the basic software, you can also have some added services such as an interactive patient portal and voice recognition to aid in note-taking. Additionally, the platform is specifically designed to handle and manage chronic care, which can be extremely useful as you interact with patients in an ophthalmology clinic. 

Conclusion – What EHR Works For Me?

With all the diversity of excellent EHR software out there for your practice, it is only understandable that there is confusion regarding what software works best for you. However, the best Ophthalmology EHR for your practice will be particularly suited to your requirements. So make sure you read reviews, consider pricing, and come up with an answer that works favorably for you and your practice. 

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