10 Best Offbeat Places in Daman That Are Worth Exploring

offbeat places in daman

The biggest stumbling block to the people who like to spend their days on a vacation away from the crowds is to find such a place that is away from the swarming tourists and is peaceful. By the time you begin, you realize that all the popular travel destinations have already been explored or overflowing with tourists. 

Daman is one of the 8 union territories of India and is home to many scenic natural wonders and yet, most of the tourists stick to the same old places and refuse to explore on their own. The lack of awareness keeps them away from most of the offbeat places in Daman. If you can live without the swarming travelers and tourist traps then consider the below places in Daman.

Here?s the list of the lesser-known gems of Daman that are worth exploring.

1. Jampore Beach

The beach is prominent for its calm transparent waters and slightly blackish sand. Situated 40 kilometers south of Moti Daman, Jampore Beach is easily reachable via rickshaws or private cabs. The beach has all kinds of activities to entertain people of all ages such as parasailing, boating, jet skiing, and sand biking that are some of the best things to do in Daman. And if you are looking for a relaxing vacation then there are many quiet spots to chill and view the panoramic sunset and calm waters of the Arabian sea.

2. Moti Daman Fort

A detour of the Moti Daman Fort is recommended to all the history buffs out there. The fort was built by the Portuguese settlers in the 16th century to protect the town from Mughal Empire. The canon of different shapes and sizes are still available to see inside the fort. The fort is an important building that allows a peek into Portuguese architecture.

3. Daman Lighthouse

Lighthouses are always a good choice to explore on your vacation to tropical destinations as they offer unbeatable views. Daman is also blessed with a lighthouse. Climb up the lighthouse around the twilight to capture the majestic hues of the sky and the panoramic views of the whole city as the sun goes down. Trust us, this one of the best things to do in Daman.

4. Jain Temple

Being located close to Gujarat, Daman is dotted with Jain Temples. A spiritual visit to Jain Temple offers an insight into the life of Lord Mahavir who founded the Jain community. You can find many Hindu temples as well if you like to keep your spiritual life in balance.

5. Dominican Monastery

The Dominican Monastery is a prominent offbeat place in Daman to discover. Most travelers visit the archeological landscape to witness the calm and serene sights. It was one of the most important churches in the territory back when Daman was under Portuguese dominance and was the headquarters of theological studies. A visit to the Dominican Monastery will leave you mesmerized by its fascinating architecture and intriguing folklore.

6. Cathedral of Bom Jesus

The Cathedral of Bom Jesus is one of the most interesting churches and cathedrals in Daman. Built almost 400 years ago, this building is an amalgamation of Portuguese and Roman-style architecture. The cathedral is a standing proof of the artistic brilliance of Portuguese artisans. The carved doorways, lofty ceiling, gold-plated alter, and ambiance of the cathedral will take you back to colonial times.

7. Mirasol Lake Garden

Mirasol Lake Garden is known as Daman Kadaiya Lake Garden locally and is a unique man-made garden in Daman. The garden has several chic cafes, boat rides, and joy rides that you can enjoy with your buddies. Over the years, Mirasol Lake Garden has managed to become a favorite spot for many movie makers and directors.

8. St Jerome Fort

The construction of St Jerome Fort took 50 years to complete and which is justified by looking at this beautiful piece of architecture. The most intriguing part of this fortress is the main gateway that overlooks the Daman Ganga river and a statue of St.Jerome. The devotees attend the morning and evening masses every year at the fort.

9. Church Of Our Lady Of Sea

No No, it?s not some voodoo place from the ?Pirate of the Caribbean Movie?, it is a real church and one of the best places to visit in Daman. It is one of the most sacred and holy places in Daman for Christians. Every year devotees come here to pray and seek divine blessings. Each morning, the healing prayers are organized to cure the visitor?s greatest problems.

10. Jetty Garden

Jetty garden is nestled on the banks of river Ganga that has captivated many travelers with its graceful design and amazing fountains. The tourists love strolling around the garden and relaxing amidst the surrounding greenery. The panoramic view of the river will surely soothe your eyes. There are a few boat rides to keep the children entertained.

So these are the offbeat places in Daman that are worth exploring. For more such amazing lists to the most unique and unheard destinations, head to Adotrip. And if you are looking for a fun vacation but hate planning then check-out our budget-friendly tour packages.

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