Top 7 Best Languages for Game Translation

The gaming industry is one of the most popular industries among youngsters. It is expected that the worth of the gaming industry will reach $256.97 billion by 2025. Do you want to take leverage from this lucrative industry? Game developers work very hard to develop a game. There is no use in that hard work if people don�t download your game. What to do for this. You have to go for gaming translation services. Many gaming companies develop and translate their games before releasing them in a foreign market. It is estimated that 2.5 billion gamers are always ready to download your games but they will download games if they are translated into their native language.

Before deciding on game translation, you have to answer these questions on which platforms you are releasing your game and what are the best languages on these platforms. After knowing the answer to this question, it becomes easy for you to select the languages for game translation. Let�s have a look at the best languages for game translation.

Simplified Chinese Mandarin

Simplified Chinese Mandarin is the official language of China. It is the most populous country in the world and generates 41% of the global revenues from video games. Approximately 600 million gamers live in the country. Therefore, to penetrate such a huge market, you have to translate your games into Simplified Chinese Mandarin.


After China and America, Japan has the third-largest gaming market. Approximately 67.6 million gamers live in China. People of Japan prefer playing games on consoles and mobile devices. Moreover, Japan is the pioneer of the biggest console manufacturers like Sega, Sony, and Nintendo. Why not translate games into Japanese to reap more profit.


Another lucrative market of the gaming industry in South Korea. Half of the population of Korea plays games on smartphones and tablets at least once a month. Therefore, to attract these gamers, you have to translate these games into the Korean language. While translating your game in the Korean language, don�t forget to consider the regional and linguistic intricacies.


There are approximately 44.3 million players in Germany. All these players want to play the game in the German language. So, you have to translate your game into the German language to attract such an enormous gaming market. Germany is renowned for Games com which is the largest event of video games. Therefore, people of Germany know the importance of language and they go for game translation and localization before it is released.


France is the largest producer of video games with approximately 33 million active players. Therefore, if you want to tap into the lucrative market of France then you have to translate your games into the French language. The people from the aged group 10 to 55 enjoy playing games on their smartphones, computers, and consoles. Why not go for game translation and localization strategy to make the gaming experience pleasant for these gamers.


Italy is the fourth biggest market concerning the gaming industry in Europe. Moreover, it is the 7th most non-English speaking country with total revenue of 1 billion and it is constantly growing. Italian is one of the important languages of FIGS besides French, German and Spanish. Therefore, if you want to penetrate European countries then do translate your game into the Italian language.


Although the gaming industry of Spain is small with approximately 27 million people, the Spanish language is still dominating the digital world. America has the largest population of Spanish people called the Hispanic community. Therefore, if you want to target the US gaming market then do translate your game into the Spanish language. Spanish-speaking people welcomed Spanish video game versions more than English.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to translate your games? Before going for game translation, you have to check the worth of the gaming industry in the target market then select the language. After selecting the language, select the translation company that can provide you with professional translation services because any error in games translation will damage your reputation in the digital world and all your effort in game development will go in vain.

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