Best Korean Movies To Watch Like Train To Busan

Because of top-notch movie producers, for example, Bong-Joon Ho, Park Chan-wook, Kim Ji-Woon, and others, South Korean producers are at the cutting edge of current awfulness film. You can also go through movies like the notebook if you like romantic movies. For instance, the extraordinarily genuine zombie film Train to Busan 2016 saw the greatest film industry discharge in the nation, denoting the principal film to draw in excess of 10 million producers.

movies like the notebook

While Train to Busan demonstrated how famous awfulness film is in South Korea, the quantity of excellent blood and gore movies didn’t start in 2016. Look down to investigate probably the best blood and gore movies that the nation has to bring to the table.

1.  The Wicked (2014)

In one of the new sections on the rundown, Young-Son UO’s working environment blood and gore movie The Wicked, joined with its frightening rushes and chills, presents a significant social analysis on female strengthening.

A recently included office laborer in the film Saeyaoung (Joo-hee Park), gets exhausted and angry with his boss, Lee-Sean (Soo-yo Na), because of modest judgment. As Seong Jackhaul encounters workplace issues, frivolous manipulating, and such, she dumps the screenplay and starts gazing at Lee Sin with evil aims.

2.  Three Extreme (2004)

Three Extreme is a worldwide awfulness collection movie, created by three Asian chiefs: Japan’s Takashi Miki, China’s Fruit Chan, and South Korea’s Chan-wook Park.

The best of the pack identifies with Park’s section, Cut, in which a movie chief capitulates to a vindictive acting additional who showed up in five of his movies. At the point when upset powers the extra chief and his better half to play a deadly game that powers the chief to mimic an honest lady. In the event that he denies, the extra chief’s body parts will be cut, individually, until he consents.

3.  Hide and Seek (2013)

Not to be mistaken for a terrible Robert Deniro film of a similar name, Jung Huh’s High-End Seek is perhaps the most upsetting South Korean peppers to turn out in the previous decade.

The film follows Soong-soo (Son Hyun-Joo), a fastidious financial specialist who lives in a perfect extravagance condo with his gifted family. After accepting a mysterious call Sung-soo wanders into his sibling’s home to start his hunt, asserting that his sibling has disappeared.

4.  The Handmaiden (2016)

At present positioned # 221 on IMDB’s Top 250 The Handmaiden, Chan-wook Park’s grandiose mental ghastliness/spine chiller is loaded with sexual hints. The film depends on Shivaay’s 2002 novel Fingersmith.

The intricate plot of Hitchcockian extents is separated into three unmistakable parts. The overextending story includes a Korean house cleaner shipped off to serve a flourishing Japanese family during the 1930s. Be that as it may, Maid was sent by a smart cheat lady to assuage the destiny of the group of the rich familial side.

5.  A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

In the wake of dunking his toe into the frightfulness lake with his first film, The Quiet Family, and his section on Three Extremists, in 2003, the profoundly skilled Korean producer Kim-Ji Woon alongside perhaps the best film, A Tale of Two Sisters Stepped into films.

The film uncovers a youthful mental patient named Su-mi (Im Soo-Jung) who is delivered from a shelter. At the point when she gets back with her more youthful sister to live with her dad and oppressive stepmother, the whole family should manage the young lady’s pained mental state.

6.  Parched (2009)

While the fierce vengeance spine-chiller Old Boy Chan-wook is Park’s most scandalous film to date, his best outside loathsomeness string is likely from the 2009 vampire film Thirst.

Motivated by Emil Zola’s There’s Perrin, the story concerns Sang-Hyun (Kang-ho Song), a clinic pastor who serves for an extreme antibody explore. Lamentably, the antibody contains a dangerous infection, which is infused into the cleric’s body and gradually changes him into a blood-doused vampire.

7.  The Host (2006)

Bong-Joon Ho got global recognition in 2006 for his shocking animal component The Host, prior to setting himself as one of the common movie producers in the world with Parasite in 2019.

At the point when a Lochness beast-like animal ascent from the Han River and starts eating up the residents of Seoul, a far and wide frenzy spreads. When an old café administrator named Park Hee-bong (Byun Hee-bong), his young girl, hauled by a creature, puts forth a gallant attempt to save Seoul from being totally annihilated.

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