15 Best Halloween Party Activities That You Must Try This Year

    best halloween party activities

    With Halloween around the corner, folk?s excitement and joy would be in the air trying to reach the sky. And that isn?t something new or restricted to this year. Each year Halloween brings immense excitement for everyone. Everyone gets busy in preparing for this event. From deciding to opt a look for Halloween, buying a Halloween costumes and throwing party and making party arrangements to preparing delicious meals.

    With so much on your mind, you must be wondering to throw an amazing party for your friends. Aren?t you?

    For a party to be a hit, all you want to cook a delicious Halloween Food? Nope. To throw a hit party a bundle of exciting activities are what will keep it top notch!

    So why not go for some new things rather than keeping up with traditional Halloween activities.

    Pie Eating Activities:

    One amazing game activity you must have been taken part in is Pie eating activity, this can be a real fun in Halloween.

    Since pumpkin pie is one mandatory sweet dish in Halloween, the activity is no extra burden on anyone!

    The rules of this activity include contestants putting their hands behind their backs and trying to eat pie with their mouth in the given time. Usually the time ranges to 60 seconds.

    Pumping Carving Contest:

    Supply your guests with Pumpkins and ask them to put in their creativity in carving it in their own unique style.

    You will thrilled to witness some funny as well as some very unique carved pumpkins.

    To make it a less burden you may ask your guest to bring their own pumpkins.

    Halloween Charades:

    Charades are always fun, anytime in every party. In this game, participant has to guess a word through an act. Write down some tricky and hard to guess words on your paper to make it more exciting and see how contestants guess the words.

    Halloween Pictionary:

    Halloween is both for the adults and the children. Hence, planning activities for adults and children both are important to maintain the enjoyment in Halloween.

    Pictionary is considered a mutual activity that can be enjoyed by both the adults and the children.

    Mummy Wrap:

    The major part of Halloween is to acquire one unique look so how about planning a game to do so?

    Mummy wrap involves contestants to wrap another contestant into toilet paper leaving their mouth, nose uncovered!

    Halloween Plate Drawing:

    How about planning another creative activity? The results of the Halloween plate games are freaking funny and isn?t Halloween a fun! So, go for it!

    Provide your guests with plates and markers, ask them to put the plates on their head and listen to the instructions while they draw on the plate blindly.

    You will be amazed to witness funny results!

    Spin the Bottle:

    I bet spin the bottle is one of the amazing games you must have witnessed in your life. The rules are simple and the game is easy to play!

    Musical Chair:

    Dance on your favorite rhythm. Well not dance but roam and win! I am pretty sure this game has been one of your favorite. Hasn?t it? So why not plan this in your coming Halloween. Make your guests roam around on your favorite song and double the fun!

    Costume Contest:

    The essence of the entire Halloween falls upon acquiring a unique look via costume. So why not make it exciting by turning this game into a contest? Categorize the costumes types and ask your guests to choose one category and wear one. At the end of the day seek voting from the entire guests and declare a winner for garbing in the best one. Pro tip: You want to win? Get a spooky Red Halloween Cloak – Poncho jacket, simple, and yet relevant to the occasion

    Pumpkin Patch Stories:

    Halloween activities for school includes this one activity quite often! This activity is one cool activity. In this activity the teachers turns old pumpkins into story lessons for kids.

    Halloween Freeze Dance:

    Play the creepiest loud music and ask your guests especially children to dance on the tone of that music. The funniest part of the game is when the music is turned off all have to freeze with it. I bet you?d experience one barrel of laughs when you will see funny experiences.

    Make the Zombie Laugh:

    Ask your guests to lie down or ask them to freeze with null expression and then crack some funniest jokes, one who withstand laughing ends up winning the contest.

    Make sandwiches:

    This is one exciting games, where contestants engage in making sandwiches with the ingredients put in front of them with their eyes closed. This is one cool activity, I bet you?ll love it.

    Paper Dance Game:

    This game is usually for couples to play. In this game the couples are asked to dance on the newspaper spread on the floor, and with each round the newspaper gets folded whoever maintain to dance on the paper till the end wins.


    Make your Halloween a hit by enjoying these amazing Halloween games.

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