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    Grilling meat and vegetables over red, hot coals incorporates a new and different taste of the Smokey charcoal in the food. However, cooking over coal is not an easy task. It requires skills and knowledge about how to lit the coals, its quantity, and the arrangement of the meat and vegetables on it so that they don?t burn out. Due to the hassle involved in grilling over coals, people choose to buy grilling gas for its sheer convenience and ease of cooking.

    Though gas grills lack the smokey charcoal flavour, they offer instant heat that beats charcoal. With the right gas grill, you can cook all types of BBQs, such as Masport BBQ, Charcoal BBQ, Broil King BBQ, Napoleon BBQ, etc. Gas grills come along with heat control nobs, which is a plus point for foods that may get wasted at 700-degree Fahrenheit on a charcoal grill. Choosing a simple gas is way easier than selecting a gas grill as gas grills come in a wide variety; therefore, selecting anyone can be a tedious task if you lack knowledge in this field. Here is a list of the top six gas grills that you should choose from:

    Napoleon Rogue 425

    This is one of the best all-rounder gas grills which you can use to cook all types of BBQs, including the Charcoal BBQ, Masport BBQ, Broil King BBQ, and Napoleon BBQ. Its high-quality material, 625 square-inch grill surface, even cooking, and extra luxurious benefits make it worth buying.  Rooted in Ontario, Canada, Napoleon is manufacturing gas grills since 1976 and has a good reputation in the market. 

     Rogue 425 comes with four capable burners, stainless steel sear plates that prevent flare-ups, folding stainless steel side shelves, and an infrared side burner. It also comes with an optional tray that converts the grill into a charcoal pit. Rogue 425 is the best mix of high and low-temperature cooking evenness and also has a built-in thermometer.

    Char-Broil Advantage Four Burner Grill

    If you have a lesser budget than a Char-Broil Advantage is an ideal option for you. At just half, the price of a Weber or Napoleon gas grill, the Advantage Four Burner gas grill has the same basic features as present in them.

    The reason why this gas grill costs less is that it lacks the sturdy premium feel as well as the life of this gas grill is comparatively less than that of an expensive gas grill. However, when it comes to grilling meat and vegetables, the evenly heated cooking surface of this gas grill out-performs every other gas grill that comes in its price range, which is quite surprising. 

    Advantage Four Burner has a 600 square inch grill surface, a side burner for boiling and saut?ing, and a warming rack. It has a five-year warranty on the burners and a two-year warranty on the firebox. This is the best option for people who do not wish to use gas grills regularly.

    Weber Spirit E-310

    The Spirit series of Weber is the entry-level line of gas grills. But this doesn?t mean that it falls in the affordable or cheaper price range. Manufactured from high-quality materials, Spirit E-310 grill has a built that will last you long. Weber has a good reputation in terms of longevity and reliability. The grill comes with a ten-year warranty against corrosion and rust. The E-310 has a 529 square inch cooking surface, porcelain-coated exterior, and porcelain-coated grates. However, in the cooking test, Napoleon and Char-Broil outwitted the E-310 grill, but it was not a weak performer, though. If you are a Weber fan or just want a well-designed grill, then Spirit E-310 is the best option for you. It will cost you around $500.

    Weber Genesis E-310

    Genesis-310 is the most affordable mid-range grill line up from Weber. This grill will cost you around $700 and offers a massive 637 square inch cooking surface and overall construction of high-quality material. It has a burner set up the same as that of the Spirit-310 range. Suppose you wish to go for a more premium built grill from Weber than Genesis-310 is waiting for you. However, it is advisable to choose Spirit-310 line up as there is no such modest bump in the quality, which is worth spending an additional $200.

    Broil Mate 165154

    The very popular Broil Mate 165154 might not be one amongst the most stylish grills, but its availability, affordability, and reliable performance make up for what the grill lacks in looks. The grill comes in a range of around $200 and has a compact cast aluminium body, a pair of side shelves, and a single H burner, which is controllable by two dials provided. It has a 400 square inch cooking surface, relatively smaller than the other grills present in the list, but it is also the most comfortable grill to assemble on your own.

    Despite being available at such a low cost, Broil Mate 165154 seems confident enough to last you long. The grill?s housing comes with a lifetime warranty, whereas the burners and stainless-steel components have a five-year warranty. If you are someone who is a fan of Broil King BBQ and also has a low budget, then Broil Mate is an ideal choice for you.

    Broil King Regal 490 Pro

    With an enhanced design and improved features, Broil King Regal 490 Pro is indeed a gas grill to fit the royalty. It comes with an arrangement of four standard burners, a side burner and a rotisserie burner which enables occasional spit roast. Condiment and tool caddies on both sides of the grill provide a great storage space allowing the burner to dials to illuminate easily. You can cook different BBQs like Masport BBQ, Charcoal BBQ, Broil King BBQ, and Napoleon BBQ on the Regal 490 with ease.

    Despite its high-end features and expensive appearance, Regal 420 is more of an average or moderate gas grill. Regal 420 takes a longer time to heat up as compared to the other grills in this list.

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