8 Best Free Online Video Editors of 2021

The need for free video editor software is increasing nowadays, along with more and more people blogging to become YouTubers or create learning materials online. There are many choices, whether it’s desktop-based or mobile-based ones on our smartphones.

This time we will specifically discuss online and free video editing applications. There are eight choices of writers for all of you. 

Before we discuss them one by one, it’s good for readers to know that most free online video editors are very user-friendly and suitable for novice users.

1. PoowToon

Nowadays, it is not enough just a boring Powerpoint presentation, but it has to be interesting multimedia. PowToon can be used as an alternative to making attractive presentations. PoowToon itself is free online software that lets you create cool animated videos. This app has some really good ready-to-use templates for producing high-quality animations. The drag and drop function or “Drag and drop” is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge to create a multimedia presentation.

2.WeVideo Online Video Editor

WeVideo is an online video creation tool. Users can upload videos, photos or music either from a computer or from Google Drive and other storage places. In addition, there is a premium version that provides many templates and other facilities.

WeVideo is easy and flexible to use. They are designed for beginners to work like Video Editor Pro, making it easier for users to apply various effects and change the background with chroma key facilities.

With the support of this built-in content, the videos created will be enriched and beautified to increase your viewers’ number. What is no less important is that you can work anywhere, without depending on certain gadgets.


Wideo is an online video editor specially designed for making explorer videos. As an explorer video-making application, Wideo is very suitable for making an advertisement video, a presentation video, and a video for communication between organizational members.

To use Wideo is quite easy. As a user, you only need 3 steps to make a video. The first step, select a template according to your needs. The second step Fill in all the information about the project you are working on. The third step, after that, just download or share to your social media accounts.

4. FlexClip


Flexclip, an application to create a marketing ad video or just create a video about our family that in a fast and easy way. If we visit the site, we will be treated to the tagline of making Cool Videos easily using Flexclip.

What is the difference between Flexclip and other applications? This online video editor application offers editing with templates or starting from scratch. So we have to choose according to our individual needs.

Here are some of its key features:

* Enjoy free membership for lots of key features and visual effects.

* 1,000+ pre-made templates save you lots of time and fit all occasions.

* Add animated texts, funky widgets, dynamic overlays, intros/outros, etc to make your video pop.

* Find royalty-free videos, music, photos from 1,000,000+ stock assets for your needs.

Apart from being able to edit videos for free, you can also find various elements with good animations and abundant stock media.


This Clipchamp claims to be a one-place solution for all video creation according to its users’ needs. Of course, this claim is not just a claim but is proven by the many choices of making videos according to our social media platforms.

If we want to make a video for youtube, just choose to make a video for youtube. If you want to make a video for Facebook, just select the menu and other videos that we use for insta stories or update our social media status.


Animaker has five different video styles and 120 different animation types. Using Animaker, you can create a very beautiful video explorer for your products. This Do-It-Yourself software can also be used without any technical knowledge. Another feature in the Animaker is a cool Typography & infographic template style, which will help internet markers.

Here are some of its key features:

*Simplest Drag and Drop Builder

*Super Powerful Character Builder

*100M+ Stock Videos and Photos

*Pick from 1000s of templates! No matter what occasion, you can create your videos in just 5 mins!

*Upload and Edit Videos at 4K Video quality

*Instant Resizing for social platforms

7.GoAnimate (Sekarang Vyond)

It’s not free, GoAnimate or Vjual is not free, but it certainly does provide features that are unusual for animation editors. What’s so special about this application? This online animation tool is one of the fastest in terms of workflows and produces professional-quality animations. Many people like this application, especially their backgrounds and characters. There are many Templates on offer, and they are fun to watch and will increase your sales conversion rate.


Biteable claims to be the “World’s Simplest Video Maker” software. Actually, what makes them confident of claiming like that? First, because the design is light and minimal! The free version of Biteable is more than enough to create a great explanation video. This application also allows you to create HD quality videos and publish them directly to YouTube. But if you want to remove the watermark or download the resulting animation to your computer, you’ll need a premium account. It’s $99 / year.

So, that was a review of 8 free video editors for loyal friends. Please choose according to the needs of the readers. I think this article will help you to find which video editor you like. 

I prefer FlexClip and Animaker, these two tools are easy to use, and free plans are also friendly to everyone. If you pay that, you can choose more features, and the price is not so high. Also, if you like, you can introduce these tools to your friends or your families. I hope you will love the articles and have a nice day!

Another useful reading below is how to set up Camstudio, the results are good, but the file is small.

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