What Are The Best Features Of The Gojek Clone App KingX?

The world is not as we used to know it. Many things have changed ever since the pandemic struck us. However, as we are slowly trying to emerge out of it many businesses are seeming to be the most viable option for entrepreneurs all over the world. The Gojek Clone app-based on-demand multi-services business is one such successful option. 


The Gojek Clone app is essentially an on demand mobile application that can be accessed using a smart phone and allows users to log in to it in order to hire different types of service providers. The primary Gojek Clone app was launched in Indonesia with the aim of making bike taxis easily available to the people, however, with more demand on the customer?s part and creativity on the management?s part, the app evolved into something a lot more complex. Today, the Gojek Clone app has many functions. 

The Gojek Clone app is an application that is developed on the bare bones of the primary Gojek App. This does not mean that the functionality of the app is exactly like that of the Gojek Clone app or that all Gojek Clone apps are similar. 

Mobile app development companies from all over the world have developed their own versions of the Gojek Clone app. Each adds different features and functionalities to it. One has to understand that even though the Gojek Clone app is known as a clone, the cloning part is only limited to the flow of the app and not the entire code structure. The Gojek Clone app to needs to be developed right from the ground up by writing code strings to ensure that the app works perfectly in the market and is a practical business solution. 


As we?ve mentioned before, the Gojek Clone app is a very popular business solution. This means that many on-demand mobile app development companies from all over the world are building their own versions of this app. 

This makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to select one app that is most useful for them. Here is a list of some of the top features, the inclusion of which can make your selection process a lot simpler. Think of it like this. If you are choosing a Gojek Clone app, make sure that they have the following features in it. 

  1. Single Download Single Log in: The app must require the users to only download it once. There are many Gojek Clone apps that are riddled with in app downloads. This means that even after downloading it once, each time the user requires a new service, they will have to download another part. 
  2. Online Payments: The CoVid 19 pandemic has taught us the value of limited physical interaction with people even in terms of exchanging cash as it can have severe ramifications in terms of pathogen transfer. With the online payment option within the app the users don?t have to worry about short change and cash exchange. 
  3. GPS Tracking: This goes without saying that tracking the service providers as they come to offer their services to the users is very important. This is why; having this feature in your app is extremely important.

These are just 3 major features, but there are hosts of other important aspects in the app like integration of local language and local currency, CoVid 19 special features, and more. Whatever you do, ensure that you test the app thoroughly before you purchase it. This will help you understand the app in its entirety before you actually have to put any money in it. 

Also, make sure that you only purchase your on-demand Gojek Clone app from a reliable and reputed on-demand mobile app development company that offers specialized white-label customization services so that your app is perfectly tailored to your business requirements based on the market trends of the region where you are planning to launch your multi-service business. 

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