Best family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle

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If you are thinking about relocating, it is imperative to look for safe neighborhoods where you can raise kids. Even though there are multiple locations across the US that are suitable for this goal, today we are going to look at the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle. If you were having second thoughts about moving to this fantastic city, all of your doubts are about to disappear. Let’s see why!


To all first-home buyers, Greenwood is a destination for you. Not only is the housing affordable, but the neighborhood is mostly filled with young families. It is perfect for raising kids in a healthy environment. However, do not delay your move for too long. A large number of families are migrating over to Greenwood. If you are waiting too long, you might lose the house you wanted for yourself.

Furthermore, in Greenwood, you can find a plethora of modern shops and restaurants, coffee bars, etc.

Mount Baker

Being a quiet neighborhood, Mount Baker is perfect for anyone looking to get away from the noise of a big city. If you find yourself on the west side of Lake Washington, it will even feel as if you are not in a big city anymore.

The biggest attraction is the rowing team you can become a part of. Furthermore, there are various activities, both for kids and adults, like Bicycle Sundays, or Holiday Cooking Classes for kids.

A father and a mother laying in a bed with their newborn child between them.

Caption: Mount Baker is an excellent choice for families with newborns.

Living in a peaceful neighborhood can increase the quality of life for your loved ones. You can spend time in nature, work out together to reduce stress and anxiety, and allocate enough time for family activities.


If you are looking for a neighborhood with a suburban feel, Wilburton will deliver. There is a large park where you can spend a day outside with your loved ones or go for a run on your own.

The area is still developing, and that is an opportunity for anyone looking to start a family business. Public services are on the level, and all the houses are well maintained.

North Redmond

The community in North Redmond substantially grew during the last few years. Being a family neighborhood, it offers a peaceful and safe environment for your children. Transportation is fairly safe, and there are no major traffic jams.

Microsoft office building

Caption: The economy in Seattle is strong and there are lots of technology-oriented jobs, mostly due to the fact that the Microsoft Headquarters is located in Redmond.

If you like to spend a few hours with your family outside, you can watch movies in the park, have some fun during the weekend derby parade, or visit the farmers’ market on Saturdays to buy quality food, or simply get some awnings for your house.

Grass Lawn

If you want to relocate your family to a new area where they can have plenty of opportunities to develop, Grass Lawn might just be the neighborhood for you. You will very soon find out why it is most definitely one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle.

First of all, the neighborhood is very safe, and you have the Police Department and the Fire Station very close to the center. The community is family-oriented, and you will meet a plethora of wonderful neighbors.

If you are looking for a place to eat, you will find a mix of local stores and chain restaurants, which gives you plenty of options.

West Bellevue

One of the best things about West Bellevue is that it is close to Seattle, but it still has that quaint environment. The community is very helpful, and people in the neighborhood are friendly. The public transportation system is overall great, and when it comes to food, you have a variety of different cuisines to try out.

One of the downsides is that living in West Bellevue might be a bit pricey. It is not easy to find a cheap home. However, the unemployment rate is small, and you will easily find a job.

Education Hill

Education Hill is a place where nature meets the city life. It is a perfect balance between the two, and you will simply love it. The people are friendly, and the school system offers fantastic technology programs.

Furthermore, the neighborhood is quiet, and the crime is reasonably low.

Beacon Hill

The list of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle would not be completed without Beacon Hill. It is a haven for families with small children. You will find plenty of parks and playgrounds all around the neighborhood. Furthermore, the school system is excellent. The variety of shops and restaurants allows you to get anything you need without leaving the neighborhood.

A little boy on a swing.

Caption: Beacon Hill is filled with playgrounds for children, and that makes it a fantastic neighborhood for families with kids.

Honestly, I don’t like to play favorites, but Beacon Hill is my number one pick. Nevertheless, no matter what neighborhood you choose, make sure to find local movers to help you relocate with ease.

Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage Seattle are a safe bet for any family looking to relocate effortlessly to their new home.


Explore the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle, and find a safe and peaceful place for your loved ones. Seattle has a plethora of fantastic neighborhoods to offer, and you will be satisfied with the quality of the school system, public transportation, and general safety. Furthermore, all neighborhoods have a mix of quality restaurants and local stores where you can purchase everything you need without heading out to the city. It is fairly easy to find a well-paid job due to the fact that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Amazon have major centers in Seattle.

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