The Best Fabrics for Working Out

There are so many different types of workouts and sports activities that all require different levels of activity and different exposures to certain materials. Some sports require loose-fitting clothing that is more comfortable, including sports like basketball, while other workouts and sports like biking require tighter-fitting clothing for your safety. Fitness and sports clothing also should be made of a variety of different fabrics as well, each with its own benefits depending on the type of workout or sport you are engaging in. You can read more about five of the best fabric types no matter the type of workout you are doing in the list below.

1.Sublimated Fabrics

You may be wondering, what is sublimation and how can this fabric be useful to you when you are working out? To start, sublimation is a type of printing on sports fabric in which the letters and numbers are literally part of the fabric rather than just ironed on or printed on with ink. This can be great for a workout, particularly one that involves a team sport, as your logos and numbers will not wear away with the damage that is done through heavy physical activity. Sublimated fabric is able to be used with any of the fabric types that are found below too.


Bamboo may be the best type of material that fabric is made from for any type of workout. It is extremely breathable, and it can absorb moisture so that your sweat does not cause your clothing to stick to you. Bamboo is also great for an outdoor workout or sport as it can directly take in the UV rays from the sun so that you do not become overheated or burnt. Bamboo may be new to the activewear world, but this natural fabric is quickly becoming highly requested among all athletes.


Spandex is one of the most common materials that is used for sports-related fabric, especially among those who are swimmers or bikers. It has a certain stretch to it so that you can be as flexible as you want to be, which makes the fabric good for yoga workouts too. Again, this material does allow air to come in due to its breathable quality, and it dries quickly when it becomes wet. Plus, spandex is just comfortable as it allows you to freely move and to stretch in any way that you would like to.


Nylon is the fabric that many workout leggings are made from as it can help you to stay fresh no matter how long you are working out. If you are sweating heavily, the nylon does absorb the moisture so that you are sure to stay dry and clean throughout. This fabric is a synthetic fabric, but it does allow you to stretch as you would like. It is perfect if you want a fabric too that will be comfortable and soft against your body while allowing air to flow freely through its breathable quality.


Polyester is a common fabric that is used in a variety of clothing, but it is an excellent choice for activewear too. This material is so durable so that it can withstand even the heaviest of workouts without ripping or becoming damaged over time. It is also lightweight so that you do not feel weighed down by your clothing, and you can look your best at all times as wrinkles will not collect in this fabric. Plus, the polyester, like the other materials in this list, is breathable so that you will not become overheated during your workout.

Final Thoughts

Some materials are better than others when it comes to activewear, especially if you want to get the most benefits possible from your workout of choice. Even if you are planning to play a sport though, for your workout, any of the materials above will let you breathe and will leave you focused on the game or routine. Some of these fabrics are even moisture-resistant so that you do not have to worry about sweating through your clothing. Be sure to look at the tag the next time that you go shopping for activewear so that you can ensure that the product is made from one of these fabrics.

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