The Best Fabric: Yoga, Workout & Athleisure?

A lot of people love Yoga, workout & athleisure but people don?t pay much attention to their fabrics. It took years to figure out what one should wear for yoga, workout, and athleisure. I tried different fabrics for yoga to athleisure to learn a lot about them. One should look at comfort and stretchability while doing yoga for getting the best results. Natural fabrics feel best in this regard but blended forms of fabrics are also giving nice results with their fabrics.

Facts about Modal Fabric

Modal was developed in the 1950s

Modal is also known by the name ?high wet modals? and it was developed to have a higher wet strength which is 50% more than regular cotton or rayon.

Modal fabric?is soft on the skin and feels like silk

Lenzing modal fabric is made especially in Austria and uses an eco-friendly process for the production

Is it natural?

It is a semi-synthetic fiber and the modal is made out of wood pulp from the beech tree chips and liquid pulp is forcefully passed through the tiny holes to create the fiber. Then it is woven to create the modal fabric.

Modal fabric is often used with cotton fabric for clothing. The resulting fabric gives modal garments a robust feel and makes cotton feel lighter.

Why Yoga?

Because yoga needs higher flexibility and stretchability to perform it. Modal fabric is also blended with spandex to create an awesome piece of fabric. It is found ideal for stretching and leisure clothing. Spandex fabric is less stretchable and often used 5-10% while blended with yoga. So, it does not affect the overall breathability of the blended fabric.

During your intense workout sessions, you might sweat a lot and modal fabric is moisture-wicking and does not let moisture stay on your skin and keeps evaporating the moisture from the tiny holes of the fabric. Wearing natural fabrics reduces skin allergies and sensitivities.

How eco-friendly is it?

Lenzing has developed an innovative environment process to make quality modal fabric. Their nontoxic processing helps to recover up to 95% of the model’s production materials.

There are lots of other manufacturing advantages of creating modal fabric. It is carbon neutral and uses less land per tonne than cotton fibers and has a water consumption of 10-20 times less than cotton and is called a most ethical brand or an eco-friendly choice.

Why do athletes need high-performance fabric?

Athletes’ whole game is dependent on flexibility and to achieve this, they need high-quality stretchable fabrics. Natural fibers have lesser flexibility. Athletes have to do intense exercise and sweat a lot. They don’t have much time to break and wipe out their sweat. Considering all these facts, garment manufacturing companies are creating quality materials that have stretchability, flexibility and breathability, and moisture-wicking features. Modal, spandex, polyester, and nylon fabric can be used for increasing the performance of athletes. Sometimes, a small mistake of choosing the wrong fabric can ruin an athlete’s efforts and it can go in vain in absence of high-quality material.

Decision time

The goal of developing functional fabric is to give support and comfort to yoga, sports, and athletic people to achieve their sports and workout goals. Due to advancements in technology, we can create blended material to give extra strength and flexibility to the wearer. Earlier, we were not having good choices due to natural fibers which have their limitations but now, we have super-quality spandex, polyester, modal, nylon, and various blended forms of fabrics to give the best to our performers.

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