5 Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Emails have remained an eternal source for networking for a long time now. Every business organization requires certain strategies and plans for its email marketing campaigns. However, there is also a need for some of the best email marketing tools in order to deliver successful results. 

If you own a small-scale business or have just taken on your journey of a startup, you must consider getting software that are feasible and affordable. Reading through this article, you will find some of the tools that might be best suited for your organization’s email marketing goals. Believe me; it can take your business to the next level. 

Why Are Email Marketing Tools So Important?

I am sure you all know how important emails are for effective communication. For anyone running a small business, email marketing can prove to be the best strategy to elevate your organization’s presence. It helps to build a brand image and reputation and is one of the most effective branding techniques.

Reports have found that most small-scale businesses have received hefty returns through email marketing. However, for organizations to experience successful results, they must adopt a good email marketing tool. These tools actually keep track of and make sure that the emails are delivered to the right person at the right time. 

It also allows you to maintain a client database and schedule tasks to be completed. It might take a huge amount of time and effort to create email templates from the base. Thus, installing such tools will allow you to send out emails that are attractive, compact, and satisfying for your clients. 

What Are The Best Email Marketing Tools Of 2021?

The best email marketing tools available in the market will allow you to create, test, optimize, and report while running on email marketing campaigns. Here are some of the top choices of software for this year that can bring in more leads and eventually skyrocket your profits.

1.     Hubspot

It is considered to be the best marketing automation platform that people are aware of. Its recently launched email marketing tool is what everybody is thirsting for. A perfect fit for startups, this tool is free and ready to take care of the business’ transactional email needs. It is an all-in-one tool that possesses a whole lot of features. 

Whether you are sending immediate replies to lead offers or responding to some customer inquiries, HubSpot has got you covered. This tool can also be integrated with other tools on this platform. For better convenience, this software has a drag-and-drop visual editor fitted with already made templates. 

2.     Mailchimp

Mailchimp, founded by Ben Chestnut, came to be considered as one the most popular email service providers in the market. It is more favored by small-scale organizations as they have an offer like none other. They provide its users with a forever free service plan. This plan facilitates the basic necessities that are creation and scheduling. This email marketing tool has other features such as autoresponders, trackers for analytics, drag-and-drop email builders, and much more. 

Mailchimp can also be integrated with Shopify, WordPress, and several other platforms. You can even get audience insights through its smart recommendation features. You can automate and send out welcome emails, or cart reminders, and order confirmations to the clients going through the buying journey. If you consider Campaign Monitor vs. Mailchimp, the latter is better suggested.  

3.     Sendinblue

Rather than being a tool, Sendinblue is a marketing communication software specifically aimed towards email marketing. Taking into account factors ranging from pricing to feasibility, it has been considered as one of the best choices for startup companies. 

Having more than about 70 readymade templates, it is a highly regarded platform for creating attractive and engaging emails. The drag-and-drop feature is extremely easy to handle, which could be of great help to beginners. Whether you want to send follow-up emails or transactional emails in bulk, Sendinblue can get you up the ladders. 

4.     Convert Kit

Many famous entrepreneurs who have made their luck in this field have preferred Convert Kit all along their way. It is one of the best choices for bloggers, marketers, and other startups who have just taken off in their journey of online marketing. This email marketing tool provides email-based support and has a hefty knowledge level.  

Special built-in features allow users to offer email signup forms with incentives and content upgrades. Auto-responders are also present, which is super easy to handle. Some other features that this tool exhibits are attractive email templates, a/b testing, landing page builder, and more. 

5.   AWeber

AWeber is considered one of the oldest yet most popular email marketing service providers known in the world. This email marketing tool is tailored to fit the needs and requirements of medium to small businesses. You can get access to any feature on this platform. 

List management, a/b testing, autoresponders, HTML email templates, and some other features are accessible with such a tool. AMP emails, automatic RSS-to-email, and tag-based subscriber segmentation are some of the powerful marketing aspects of this platform. 

Therefore, now you have all the information that you needed to know. These are some of the best email marketing tools that people have chosen over and over again. Especially for the ones that have just started to build a small business, these tools are the best choice for your establishment. 

It is because these tools are easy to use, cost-effective, and provides as many features as the best of software would give. 

Author Bio: 

Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of Dream and Travel. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Tour and Travel Blog Dot Com and Rslonline Dot Com.  

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