Best Christmas Decor Ideas 2020

christmas decor ideas

Still looking for some amazing Christmas Decor ideas? Unlike every year, this year?s Christmas is very different. There will be no large gatherings or partying with your friends out in some club. This year everyone will be celebrating all the festivals at their homes only. So, if you have decided and made up your mind to be at home this year, then why not spend a little extra time on decorating your houses with a little more effort.

Christmas is the festival of delicious food, wine , decorations and some amazing Christmas songs. If you are a nerd for Christmas, then you must started blasing the Christmas songs for all day long. Make sure that house also shout Christmas this year!

This year go over the board in decorating your house. Take inspiration from any thing and any place. The demons of this year should not ruin your holiday fun and celebrations. We have some amazing Christmas Decor Ideas for this festive month. So, quit waiting and ditch the simple decor you follow very year. You can use these Christmas decor idea to decorate your house or use a different Christmas decor idea for every room. This year, there is no stopping back!

The list includes very random decoration ideas that will make your house stand out of the crowd. The list is curated with some eye-catching garlands, creative wreaths, and many festive plans. Gather your holiday spirit and start working right now!

Christmas Decor Ideas

Ice Skates Wreath

Bring the twist of everything at your place this Christmas. We know that you can?t go ice  skating this year, but why not use your ice skates for some decoration? Fill your ice skates with some beautiful ornamments and flowers. Ditch the old traditional wreath and make a new wreath from your ice skates.

DIY Citrus Garland

Why to bring new garlands evry year when you can make your own garlands at home? Fruits in the Christmas decor is such a different and amazing idea. You can decorate your Christmas tree with a fun twist by making your own garlands with dried citrus. All you need is a wire and a tread and voila your DIY Citrus Garland is ready.

Crafty Leaf Garland

While we are taking DIYs into consideration, why not make a leaf garland. This will be a fun activity to do if you have children around. You require just a few green craft papers and some tiny little bells to make a leaf garland. Cut the green paper sheet in a leaf shape and join the leafs together in the shape of a garland.

Berries Galore

Snow, Christmas and Red berries are the perfect combination to a festival season. You can decorate your house entrance and be the perfect Christmas house next door. Use some red berries to wrap your simple garland. You can also use a wreath and cover it in red berries. The Berries Galore is one of the best Christmas Decor Ideas.

Bold Palette

Give your Christmas decorations some bold and vibrant colors. Use every color you want in your decorations because no one will stop you. Be as playful as you can with all the colors around you.

Pops of Plaid

The old Christmas traditional decorations have a compulsory plaid socks. Use these plaid patterned stockings to decorate your house. This will give your house a vintage feel and christmas vibes.

Felt Tree Hurricanes

Bring out your crafty, artistic soul this Christmas. Give your Christmas decor a crafty look by decorating your glass hurricanes with tint little Christmas Trees. You can also use a singled colored theme for your decorations as well. We would suggest that if you are going for Christmas trees, add as much green you can.

Festive Pillow

A cozy throw pillow during the holidays will be one of the most lavish Christmas decor ideas. A very vibrant colored pillow with a white ribbon and a small greenery on it will give a wonderful Christmas vibes.

DIY an Advent Calendar

You can make your own advent calendar this Christmas. If you don?t want to go with the traditional chocolate or a toy advent calendar, then use your creativity and make your own advent calendar based on any theme. This decoration idea will also be a fun activity for your family.

Wrap Garlands Around Bedposts

Won?t it be lovely if your children would engaged in some festive activity and not make a mess? If yes, then get them some beautiful garlands. You can either wrap the garland around the bedpost or weave it between the bedframe.

We have some other Christmas decor ideas that can brighten up your festive mood and vibes.

  • Decorate aTabletop Tree
  • Build a Makeshift Fireplace
  • Go For the Candy Effect
  • Deck the Walls
  • Mix in Fresh Fruit
  • Dress Up a Twig Tree
  • String an Assortment of Mittens
  • Mix and Match Gift Wrap
  • Bring Fresh Flowers to the Table
  • Count Down to Christmas
  • Rustic Charm
  • Get Playful With Balloons
  • Play Up Pom Poms

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