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Childcare in much of Western society is currently in crisis: there are too few child care facilities, childcare staff is severely underpaid, there are not enough childcare places, and most parents do not incur costs, which means less money for their children’s education and less income for parents. The 2009 Childcare Costs Study warned that 50% of parents think that child care costs in the UK cost more than $1,000 a year, while parents over 50 thought it was too expensive for children under 5. 

This is good news for parents who have moved to the UK: childcare is easily accessible, and you can choose from a range of options. For example, you could be a kindergarten teacher for preschool-age children, a school pedagogical assistant, or promote your child’s independent play by working for a kindergarten teacher at a childminder, a municipality, or a charity. There are other ways of doing things; for example, there are kindergarten teachers in schools, daycare centers, kindergartens and childcare centres, and home care and nannies. This also means that you can have children in the daycare and at home, in your own home, or in the care of a family member who is a friend.  Follow the following ways to get the best childcare help in the UK.

 1. Look out for Family Childcare Trust

Look at the Family Childcare Trust, which lists organizations in your area where you can find information on childcare and family services. This website links to Family Information Services England to make it easier for you to find childcare wherever you live. 

The Family Childcare Trust also has a tool that allows you to search for childcare facilities near where you live by entering your postcode. Visit the Child Care Trust website to find out if you are being refused childcare because your child is disabled, or if childcare is being refused or you have been asked to pay more for a child than other parents. 

For more information and to apply, visit the Child Care Trust website. Ask for your license or ask the authority responsible for the childcare license in your state. For more information on individual government approval requirements, visit the Child Care Finder page on the Family Childcare Trust website. 

2. Discuss with State or Local Authority

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about the type of childcare in your community, please contact your state or local authority who can help you. If you need childcare assistance, this programme can help you with information about childcare facilities in the UK and information about local programmes and services. 

If you live in the UK, we have also included a guide to UK childcare systems, but this is not specific to childcare. There is an element of childcare in the tax credits and universal credit where the Government gives you extra money to pay for childcare. You can use our Child Tax Benefit Calculator to find out if you get any financial support other than childcare and the Government’s website will show you how much tax relief you could get. This is to help support children in the UK and reduce the cost of childcare. 

However, you must apply for financial support and make arrangements to ensure the welfare of your baby. If you are a worker who is not strictly needed and is considering returning your child to daycare or preschool, review the child care programs that remain open during a pandemic. 

Children between 3 and 5 years of age must be able to use childcare, with an age limit of 2.5 years. 

3. Visit Family Support NI

Family Support NI works closely and directly with and maintains contact with early year’s teams and childminders. To help parents find a childminder who can meet their childcare needs, the company asks childcare providers for additional information about their services. They will contact providers, including possibly a nurse, to tell us what type of care you need and to keep informed of the latest information on the availability of childcare and support services in Northern Ireland. They also work with childcare providers such as the Child and Family Care Trust. (CCT) to provide a detailed overview of the services they provide, including up-to-date job offers and information to ensure that parents and carers find suitable childcare that meets their child’s needs and children. Foster care suggestions UK also helps you to find the best childcare courses and services.

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