Best 10 Brands to Shop Laptops in 2022

Our world is now linked to each other through the internet and electronic devices. For every basic thing, we use devices to find solutions. For instance, finding solutions for our home remedies, connecting with long-distance friends, finding world news, etc. Moreover, for everyday routines such as entertainment, daily chores, and comfort, we use electronic devices. 

Air conditioners to heaters, Television, cleaners, etc. One such device is a laptop, after smartphones, laptops are one of the most selling items across the globe. From working individuals to students, laptops have now become a necessity for everyone.?

Especially after the invasion of covid, earlier everything was moving towards digitalization at a slow pace. After covid everything suddenly shifted over the electronic devices. From work to the education system everything was linked to devices that accelerated the sales growth of laptops across the globe. 

When people look for laptops, there are many things to consider as laptops are going to be used for the next 4 to 5 years. Features like Ram, Rom, storage capacity, screen size, touch facility, capability to handle different software, etc. 

These laptops are available from the lowest price of $900 to as high as $3000 and more depending on brand and features. With the availability of various brands with similar storage or ram, it becomes difficult for consumers to select the best brand. Therefore, we have curated a list of best laptop brands of 2022 that you can explore. 

Here is The List of Brands You Can Try: 


Dell is one of the best laptop brands that offer some affordable laptops for working as well as educational purposes. Their battery life is quite strong, allowing long-term use for working and for school.?

Dell’s ultrabook that was newly launched is now a portable laptop, but with excellent quality of battery life. Arguably, Dell laptops are one of the best devices for business such as the Latitude 7400 2-in-1. It has a solid design and a great battery. Similarly, their XPS models are considered great due to their high standards in all the features. Whether it’s screen resolution, battery, or connection software, they are high-standard models of Dell offering innovative technology.


Initially, HP laptops were not known for their performance, but they made changes to their design. Today HP laptops are one of the best and most high-performing laptops in the world. 

They have an extensive range of laptops suitable for different purposes. Their notebooks are highly popular and offer a great classroom experience. Their range such as Spectre x360, Spectre x360 16, Spectre x360 14, etc have some incredible features. 


Apple has a different setup from all laptops, their speed, durability, and great battery life are unmatched. However, Apple is more expensive than other laptop brands. Their laptops are versatile, and their range of laptop series are suitable for different purposes such as school, gaming, and work. Apple laptops are one of the best laptop for programming due to their powerful Ram. Macbooks with slim designs and high-performing features are popular worldwide. 


Not everyone has heard of Microsoft laptops that much as they are still trying to make their place in the global market. They have an extensive range of laptops to fulfill different needs of the customers such as Surface Pro 7 for 2-in-1 experience, Surface Book 3 for battery life, and Surface Pro 4 for their unique design and overall performance. Microsoft offers a great selection of ports and some unique designs. Their range is suitable for the basic to the powerful system.


Asus laptops save a lot of money for their customers, they are the best budget laptops you will find.? Though Asus laptops are not the best ones according to their performance. However, if you are looking for a laptop to use for basic features, then Asus can work for a long time.?

They will fit your budget and also offer you a good laptop experience. Asus might not work for programming or gaming purposes. Asus Zenbook 13 has great resolution, battery life, and specs. Buy latest laptops online for a good experience and long battery life. 


Located in Taiwan, they develop an extensive range of laptops for your versatile needs. From some gaming needs to work for school, they have a range of laptops that you can try for your requirements. They are one of the best budget laptops you can find. Their switch series offers you the 2-in-1 experience of laptop and tablet, swift series consist of slim laptops. Acer has a dedicated series of gaming laptops that can fulfill your gaming requirements. 


The Chinese laptop brand has a great share in the market,  known for its reliability. Lenovo laptops are one of the long-running laptops you can use due to their high durability. Their battery power is great, users can look beyond the laptop looks when considering their durability. Lenovo Thinkpads were highly successful in the classroom offering two-in-one laptop and tablet experiences to students. They offer a strong variety of laptop devices and accessories across the globe. You can Shop laptop accessories anywhere online. 


Razer is one of the best gaming laptops you will find with excellent graphics. Their laptop series can handle powerful gaming by offering you amazing virtual reality experiences. Razor brand is the most demanding gaming laptop brand in the world, every series they offer has something unique. For instance, Razer Blade 15 offers a 300 Hz refresh rate with cooling capacity, great display, and powerful Ram. Razor has a wide range of gaming laptops you can buy online across the globe. 


MSI is one of the best brands that specifically cater to gaming. You can find some powerful gaming laptops from MSI, they are known for their strong and high-performing gaming laptops. They have two categories- gaming series and prestige series that can take you online with lighting speed. 

Their best budget gaming laptop include MSI GS66 Stealth and MSI Prestige 14 Evo. If you do not have any issues with the budget, you can find their latest version of laptops. 


The American company is one of the most recognized brands of electronics. They offer versatile laptops with a combination of unique design and functionality. They offer some easy and fast-to-use accessories for laptops. You can find their range of laptops with different features such as the HP Envy x360 and HP Spectre x360 known for their budget-friendly laptop devices. 


These are some of the top-most brands to purchase high-quality laptops in 2022. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop, for work, or for school, these brands are the best in business. They offer high-class and high-performing laptops with great features. 

You can Buy latest laptops online at affordable rates and on budget according to requirements. Their models can easily handle high resolution and high power software. Most of the brands have a range of laptops with different features suitable for different requirements.?

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