Best Beauty Tips For Stylish New Moms

Being a new mom is the most beautiful stage of your life, but it is also quite challenging. Taking care of your little one is a full-time job, and it can be difficult to find time for yourself. One can easily forget to think about makeup and hair products when your day consists of mostly feeding your baby, changing diapers, and preparing them for naps and bedtime. However, it is very important and easily achievable to still be a stylish and a great mom. We bring you a few beauty hacks that are just perfect for busy moms, as they require very little time.

Tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation

When you have the time, you may decide to go full-glam and enjoy the time you have for yourself and doing your makeup. However, when you are in a rush, you want to use a minimal amount of products that will still give a great effect. One of these products is a tinted moisturizer. They are just ideal for all the busy new moms, as you can apply them in a few seconds, and they give the best effect when applied with your hands. BB creams are also great as they give nice coverage,?most of them have SPF?(definitely go for those ones), and they nourish your skin. What is more, once you discover how amazing BB creams are, you may never go back to using foundations.?

Try all kinds of braids in your hair

Every new mom deserves a day spent in the hair salon, where you will be pampered and relaxed. But, on most days you will not get the chance to have your hair professionally done, which means that a few tips can come in handy. For instance, braids are always a good option. You can braid the front pieces of your hair and put the rest of it in a high ponytail, which is a gorgeous, boho look. Moreover, if you want to feel extra alluring, you can put on some?voluminous clip on hair extensions?and simply take two or three locks of hair and put them into thin braids. This is such a romantic hairstyle, which is incredibly easy to create, yet it will instantly make you feel refreshed and fashionable. Generally speaking, clip on hair extensions are a must for any busy mom, as you can use them on any occasion and look as if you just got out of a hair salon. The only important thing is to go for high-quality extensions and to blend them seamlessly with your natural hair. Moreover, you can get a cute, effortless hairstyle if you braid your hair before bedtime and let it loose in the morning. Just apply a bit of hairspray and you will have trendy, beach waves for the whole day.

Use baby oil to shave your legs

Shaving is a time-consuming task, as it includes not only the part of shaving with a razor, but applying the shaving cream or gel on your legs, and then afterward, nourishing the skin with a hydrating lotion. Well, the magic trick that cuts down this time, but is equally efficient, is to apply baby oil and then shave your legs. As a new mom, you certainly have more than one bottle of baby oil in the house, so this is also a solution that saves you money, not just time. Moreover, when applied to wet skin, baby oil nourishes the skin even better than the body lotion. So, you will have the shaving process completed in just one step and your skin will be more hydrated than ever.

A lovely scarf is an obligatory accessory

Even if you are wearing just a white tee and a pair of comfy jeans, a nice, silk scarf will make the outfit exquisite. However, you can still wear a scarf with a maxi dress, linen trousers, shirts, and basically any other fashion item. The great thing is that you can style them in numerous ways so that you always serve a new, fresh look with the same scarf. What is more, not only are scarves a fashionable piece, but they can be quite useful when you need to cover up any stains from, for example, the baby?s food.

To sum up, we can say that being a mom is one of the most magnificent things one can experience. Thus, you should soak up every moment you spend with your baby and enjoy it. And with the help of these hacks, you will be both a trendy and a happy mom.

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