Bespoke Suit Jacket: Style Details Every Man Should Know

Bespoke Suit Jacket

To complete men’s wardrobe, it is essential to have at least one bespoke suit that gives classic style in the perfect fitting. Without a doubt, it will enhance your appearance and show you trimmer, taller and stronger. 

But, what makes your suit a perfect suit?.. Of course, it?s a suit jacket. The right selection of fancy collar, buttons and enough space for body make it an excellent choice for the modern man. There are some more suits jackets style details that make your personality lovable at every event.

Single Vs Double Breasted Jacket

Single-breasted jacket style is more classic and widely used. These jackets have two halves and one to three buttons on the notch lapel. This falls under a less formal style suit. Therefore, from an investor?s meeting to a wedding, every event can be attended with this suit. If it is your first suit, always go with Black, as it can be used for multiple purposes.

If you love more formal suit style, add double-breasted suit in your wardrobe. These suits have a minimum of four or six buttons but cannot go beyond eight. A suit with jacket helps to strengthen the shoulder. To stitch this suit, more same quality fabric is required. That can also increase your suit budget. 

Suit Jacket Buttons

The choice of one, two or three buttons on your single-breasted suits mainly depend on your choice. But there are some rules that you need to follow to make it a perfect choice:

  • One Button suits are most preferred on a tuxedo. These suits look best with black tie and suitable for only a few purposes. 
  • Two-button classic style is a fabulous choice for all body shapes. It gives a man more modern looks. The best of this style is that classic never outdated and fit in every business and social event frame.
  • Three buttons jackets are specifically designed for taller men. So, only if your height is above normal, go with this style suits. Another case, if you are wearing a waistcoat, three-button suits will be the best choice for all formal events. 

When to button

  • Always close one button except sitting.
  • In two buttons jacket, only button the first one and leave the second undone for comfort zone.
  • Button only first two and leave three undone in a three-button suit jacket.

Sack, Structure or Fitted

Another area of confusion but interesting too, this relates to the shape of the suit jacket. 

  • Sack Suit Jacket: This is a shapeless jacket with narrow shoulders. It looks like a jacket hanging on the body and a perfect way to hide original body shape.?
  • Structures Suit Jacket: This style is the biggest motivation from military uniform. Shoulder comes in the padded form and gives and wearer glasses appearance.
  • Fitted Suit Jacket: A best jacket for the gym goes to show their actual body shape from suit. The jacket is stitched with a minimum pad that reflects your body shape. Suits from tailored suits Sydney are a perfect example of bespoke fitted suit jacket.?

Notch vs. Peak vs. Shawl Suit Lapels

Lapel always reflects the jacket?s appearance. A wide lapel shows a well-proportioned man and if a shorter height person uses the same lapel, it will ruin his personality. Therefore, we have described three major categories of lapel:

  • Notch Lapel: This is most seen lapel on every single-breasted suit jacket. The top of lapel and bottom meet in the notch.
  • Peak Lapel: This style of the lapel is common in double-breasted jackets. You can see strong edges pointed toward the shoulder in this formal style. 
  • Shawl Lapel: This style is only for tuxedos and suits black-tie night events. The collar has a continuous curve without a break.

5. Suit Jacket Pocket Types

Almost five-pocket patterns float between casual to formal jacket pocket style. Most of these styles vary with size of lapel and flaps on the packet; it can either too small or large.

The flap on the pocket can consist of the size of the lapel; it can either too large or small.

  • Patch Pocket: if you are looking for sports event jacket, patch pocket is perfect choice but does not suit formal events.
  • Ticket Pocket: these styles on jacket suits to hold train or another ticket for a longer tenure. Choose this style if you are in same profession only.
  • Angled pocket: These have flaps and used by sportspersons.
  • Flap Pocket: you can see slit pocket on the slimmer form. But this will add thickness to the hip.
  • Jetted Pockets are mostly found in a tuxedo and give a suit more formal look. 

Bottom Line

A perfect fit Jacket play an important role to enhance the appearance. Therefore, paying considering the above details will help you to choose a fashionable bespoke suit for every event.

Author Bio

John Cutler is one of Australia’s great tailor in Sydney cbd. He has provided bespoke tailoring and shirt making services to discerning gentlemen throughout Australia, and across the world. He is also passionate for writing about aspects related to fashion and bespoke tailoring.

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