5 Benefits of a Professional Massage

    5 Benefits of Professional Massage

    Massage is a treatment that revives, heals, and relaxes the body through physical contact. Specifically, Benefits of professional massage therapy involves manipulating and kneading a person’s muscles to improve health and well-being. The practice ranges from light strokes to deep pressure.

    While many people think massage is merely a fun activity, this popular spa treatment has many health benefits. Luckily, couples massage Denver treats both physical and emotional problems. Below are the tops of the benefits of a professional massage in detail. Let’s delve right in.

    Reduces Stress

    With the daily hustles and bustles, we are prone to developing stress. Stress causes mind and body dysfunction and even triggers diseases. Fortunately, massages can help to reduce stress.

    When tense and under stress, you produce unhealthy levels of cortisol. This stress hormone causes headaches, digestive problems, sleeplessness, and weight gain. Massage helps the body to enter recovery mode by lowering cortisol (stress hormone) levels. At the same time, it increases serotonin and dopamine.

    Serotonin is the natural antidepressant in the body, while dopamine is a neurotransmitter. Production of these hormones reduces heart rate, helping the body unwind, rest, decompress, and relax. Relaxing the body, especially in stressful times, balances anxiety, depression, and other emotions caused by stress.

    Alleviates Pain

    According to the American Chiropractic Association, 80% of the population suffers back and neck pains at some point in their lifetime. It is almost impossible to attend to your daily activities when in pain. Luckily, massage therapy from a professional can help reduce pain.

    Massage therapy triggers releases of endorphins hormones (the feel-good hormone). The painkilling hormone is a natural fighter that boosts serotonin and dopamine levels. This promotes pain management, healing, and calming the body. A professional massage therapist reduces and relieves pain by interrupting the cycle of chronic pain.

    Essentially, a massage session reduces muscle tightness in trigger knots and points by desensitizing the painful areas. It also eliminates hypersensitivity related to chronic pain. Without pain, you can perform your daily activities optimally. Additionally, eliminating pain helps you enjoy enhanced mood and quality of life.

    Boosts Muscle Flexibility and Relaxation

    When your muscles are flexible, you can perform normal tasks and move comfortably without experiencing pain or stiffness. Also, proper flexibility gives us a proper posture and form. Moreover, it enables our body to move through a whole range of motion. You should therefore ensure your body muscle is flexible all the time. This is where massage therapy comes in handy.

    Massage therapy enhances muscle flexibility by boosting oxygen circulation and blood flow. As a result, it extends tissues and reduces tightness. This therapy session prevents tension, depression, hostility, and anxiety triggers. Releasing tension and improving relaxation improves sleep. Ultimately, your emotional state changes, making you more receptive, creative, and positive.

    Improves Blood Circulation

    Massage involves a professional applying moderate pressure on your muscles, which enhances blood circulation. Poor circulation causes tightness, tension, swelling, and even pain. During massage therapy, friction between fingers and skins enhance blood flow and circulation.

    Besides blood circulation, massage can reduce blood pressure, according to studies; consistent massage sessions can reduce diastolic blood pressure and systolic blood pressure. By lowering blood pressure, you significantly reduce the risk of stroke, kidney failure, and heart attack.

    This form of therapy promotes healing by supplying blood to stiff, damaged, and tense muscles. Also, the squeezing and twisting remove lactic acid from muscle tissues. This boosts lymph circulation, eliminates waste from body tissues, improves blood pressure, and enhances general body function. Also, improved circulation supports oxygen and nutrients to flow to damaged tissues hence reducing swelling and stiffness

    Enhances Immunity

    Massage boosts body immunity by enabling body parts to function optimally. When your immunity is enhanced, the body can fight viruses and colds. Remember, stress is closely associated with vulnerability to disease. Stress affects the ability of the immune system to keep microorganisms, bacterial, and infection at bay. According to studies, massage increases the production of white blood cells hence, boosting immunity.

    Massage is Beneficial

    Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or you need to relax, you should try out massage. This form of therapy is not a reserve for a section of extravagant people. That’s far from the truth. Massage therapy can boost your immunity and reduce stress. It also helps churn out toxins from the body, enhance posture, and help you enjoy quality sleep. You should give a professional massage a try if you have not had it already. You will love it!

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