4 Benefits Of Using Push Up Bars

“There’s a very simple rule to follow – never eat so much that you can’t do 20 push-ups.” – Milind Soman.

Gymnastics has played a vital role in keeping bodies fit and ripped for decades. Many athletes who play sports like soccer, wrestling, swimming, and much more include gymnastics in their daily routine.

All exercisers add gymnastics in their daily routine to get pumped up and get rid of dullness or laziness.

Many people travel to the gym to get the body they’ve always wanted. Either they would be exercising to get a big muscular body or lower their excessive fat. But what they don’t know is that there is a product in the market which exempts their daily traveling to the gym and exercise whenever they’re willing to.

We are talking about push-up bars. It’s an exercise equipment that helps you work out without affecting your wrists or other body parts.

A question arises, “Why should we use push-up bars when we are comfortable while doing it on the floor?”

Exercising directly on the floor affects your wrists, but you don’t feel it as you are pumped up. Instead, the pain increases gradually, leading you towards wrist strain. To avoid such a situation, you need a pair of push-up bars.

Let’s know a little about push-up bars before getting into their benefits.

What are push-up bars?

Push-up bars are metal rods attached to supporting feet, making them easy to place anywhere and start your training. They incline your wrists above the floor, giving you the extra space to decline deeper without side effects.

Following are some of the major advantages of push-up bars and how they can benefit your body.

Reason # 1: Safe for the wrists:

When you perform push-ups directly on the floor, you put your wrists in danger of getting strained. This risk can be reduced by using push-up bars. They raise your wrists from floor level, making it easier for you to warmup.

If you have wrist strains or any previous injuries, you can also continue with your push-up training through this workout equipment.

Reason # 2: Range of motion:

While doing push-ups, you want to go at maximum depth without caving in your back. This is an issue commonly encountered when doing push-ups on the ground.

Push-up bars lift you above ground level, giving you the extra distance to reach the broader range of motion and maintain your upper body strength and flexibility.

Reason # 3: Variety of exercises:

If you feel uninspired, here are different exercises that you can try with this workout equipment:

  • Close-grip push-ups
  • Wide range push-ups
  •  L-site push-ups
  •  Handstand push-ups
  •  Mountain climbers

Reason # 4: Convenient:

Push-up bars are portable and lightweight, making them easy to carry and travel. They can either fit in your purse or your pocket.

These bars are lightweight yet strong and rigid enough to bear any weight, making them convenient to work out anywhere you like.

Where can you find the best push-up grips?

Juggernaut tools provides the best push-up grips, available in two different sizes and colors. They are strong, stable, and convenient at the same time.

You can easily travel while having the grips in your purse, hand carry, or even your pocket due to their lightweight and compact size.

The Juggernaut Jgrips are available on their website at an amazing price. So, grab yours and have the solid and muscular body you’ve always wanted.


Over the past few years, push-up bars have gained popularity due to their strong material, ease of exercising, and smaller size. These bars work on your arms, shoulders, and core. They also help in protecting your wrists from strain and maintaining your posture.

In addition, their small size makes them convenient to travel and store when not in use.

If you haven’t got yourself a pair of grips, now is the right time to get one and start exercising to get a ripped and muscular body.

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