Top 8 Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is one of the best-known fields of healthcare. Its specialty is helping people recover from injuries, illnesses or disabilities. From this, the advantages of physiotherapy should be quite obvious but there’s more to physical therapy than meets the eye. Why is it so important for one’s wellbeing? Why is it better than regular exercise? Why is surgery or another type of medical treatment usually not enough on its own? In order to answer some of these questions, here are the top 8 benefits of physiotherapy worth mentioning.

1. Increasing the range of motion

People who have recently suffered from an injury may have a limited range of motion when they try to perform even some of the simplest activities. Some of these injuries and their effects are so common that they have a colloquial name. For instance, frozen shoulder is one such example.

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The thing is that some of these problems are only curable through physical therapy. Even with surgery, unless you develop these muscles and strengthen tendons connecting them to the bone, your range of motions will be limited. Sure, physical therapy can be hard and painful but it’s a necessary step in order to get better.

2.  Exercise

A physiotherapy is a form of exercise. Most importantly, it’s a form of exercise for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to work out, at all. Keep in mind that any sort of physical activity may have a positive impact on your mood but physiotherapy often alleviates pain, as well. This only enhances the effects of exercise that you’re exposed to, to begin with. Keep in mind that while physical therapy may not be intense enough for you to get in shape, it can help you maintain body weight and allow you to avoid your muscles getting atrophied.

3.  Getting back in the game

For professional athletes, an injury can be life-changing. Also, seeing as how the effects of the injury may be closely tied to one’s athletic performance, it’s a priority that one’s recovery is as effective as possible. Keep in mind that this might be outside of the scope of regular physiotherapy and that, under these circumstances, you should look for a specialist sports physio center. Keep in mind that a botched recovery process may not just limit your athletic potential. It may also make any future injury far more likely, to begin with.

4.   Alleviating pain

There are numerous studies with conclusive evidence that physical therapy helps alleviate pain. People who suffer from chronic pain know exactly how big of an issue that actually is. A chronic pain, with rare or no relief, can plague one’s very existence. This is why any method that provides at least some respite becomes a top priority.

It also becomes worth your time, money and your full attention. Aside from facilitating recovery, this also makes the process painless, which makes it much easier to endure. While some believe physical therapy to be quite painful, there are those who see it as pain alleviation.

5.   It is a collaborative

This form of therapy puts you in a collaborative environment. Keep in mind that people in pain or those who have recently undergone a certain trauma may be easily agitated. Some even actively avoid other people. However, experts specializing in physical therapy are usually trained and experienced to organize and collaborate with people undergoing trauma. This means that they know exactly how to act around you while in this condition. Physiotherapy relies on collaboration, seeing as how your capabilities, preferences and the most effective course of treatment is not the same for everyone.

6.   Physio is empowering

Physical therapy can be incredibly empowering and inspirational. Just think about many stories of people who doctors doubted would ever walk again, yet, they managed to return full functionality. In 2016 there was a movie made about a professional boxer Vinny Paz.

Vinny has suffered a severe neck injury and was told by the doctors that he may never walk again. Against all odds, Vinny managed to bounce back and even compete professionally (even winning against one of the best boxers of all times, aging Roberto Duran). When asked by the journalists what was the biggest lie that he was ever told, Vinny said that it was “It’s not that simple ”.

7.   It combines with other exercises

The effects of physiotherapy can be enhanced through some other types of exercise, as well. We’re talking about things like walking, swimming and weight training. So, if you can do any of these things, you’re highly encouraged to do so. This also means that there’s something for everyone here.

Most importantly, while these exercises may enhance your results and provide you with a great deal of support, the key thing is that you don’t attempt them before consulting a professional. Once they give you the green light, you are free to go. Pilates and yoga are other forms of exercise that you should definitely try out.

8.    It is safe

Keep in mind that while you’re injured, your body is in a brittle condition. Not only are these parts prone to getting worse under pressure but there’s also the issue of hurting something else. You see, an injury makes some people go dormant, which means that their general conditioning and fitness aren’t what they’re used to. This is why physiotherapy is such a great thing. It provides you with a great warm-up stage that should make you more resilient to injuries, later when you actually start working out.

In conclusion

Physiotherapy is not just there for the rehabilitation of injured people. It’s also there for old people with orthopedic and neurological problems. It is conducted by specially trained professionals and individuals that are usually chosen for their aptitude for empathy. For some, physical therapy is a way to get better quicker. For others, it is a chance for a normal life and a better future. Either way, once suggested, physical therapy should never be discarded lightly. The above-listed 8 benefits are the main reasons why.

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