Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Percussive Therapy

Percussive therapy with a massage gun is the current fitness fad which benefits professional atheletes and regular users. A booster percussion massage gun uses powerful and targeted pressue to provide deep massage. The best part is that you can buy this fitness tool and get the percussive theraphy right in the comfort of your home. This form of therapy loosens soft tissue and relieves muscle tensions. There are multiple benefits that you get with a percussive massage. Here we will discuss some scientific reasons why you should add percussive therapy to your daily routine.

Prevents DOMS

DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is the pain that you experience after a strenuous workout session. It usually happens when you engage in heavy physical activity which pressurizes muscles beyond their limits. It is a result of microscopic damage to the muscle fibers during intense workouts. It is painful, annoying, and can last for 72 hours.

However, the good news is that you can get instant relief with percussive therapy. When you use a massage gun, it breaks up fibrous adhesions and relaxes tight muscles, which reduces soreness significantly. Thus, with percussive therapy, you no longer need to endure post-workout pain or muscle stiffness.

Increases Flexibility

Apart from reducing pain, percussive massage makes you more flexible. Many studies show that the vibration produced by percussion massage  synchronizes your muscle spindles, leading to a better range of motion. That is the reason why most athletes use a booster percussion massage gun.

Flexibility is an essential part of physical fitness. Not only does it improve body posture and mobility, but it also reduces the risk of muscle soreness and injuries. It enhances muscle coordination and allows you to perform certain exercises with ease. So, if you want to be more flexible, go for percussive therapy with a booster base self massager.

Improves Blood Circulation

Percussion massage creates vibrations which help to increase the blood flow of your body. A massage gun provides deep tissue massage that stimulates the nerve receptors which is

responsible for dilating blood vessels.

The improvement in blood circulation can reduce muscle tension and inflammation. Besides, proper blood circulation allows every organ to function properly and heals your wounds faster. Percussive therapy can provide all these benefits by boosting your blood circulation.

Better Lymphatic Flow

Not only blood flow but percussive massage therapy can also improve the lymphatic flow in your body. The lymph functions in your body to remove the waste and toxins from the tissues. Muscle contractions control the lymphatic flow throughout your body. This implies that less active people may not be able to stimulate enough lymph circulation as compared to active people. But very active people might accumulate too much of it, which can result in a health condition called lymphedema.

Percussive therapy with a massage gun creates balance and improves the flow throughout the lymphatic system. A better lymphatic system leads to improved metabolism and a healthier immune system.

Breaks Down Scar Tissue

Scar tissues are composed of collagen fibers which help to repair damaged fibers. But the elasticity of the tissues does not match that of natural muscle tissues. Percussive massage therapy provides deep tissue massage which breaks down these scar tissues that relieves restricted movement and reduces pain. 

That is why many sports therapists use percussive tools like a booster base self massager to speed up the recovery of a sportsperson from sports injuries. It is also effective for post-surgery scar tissues. Moreover, aside from helping you to recover injuries fast, this massage therapy can also prevent injuries in the first place by building greater muscle strength. It ultimately lowers the risk of injury.


These are the benefits that you get when you use a booster massage gun for percussive therapy. These percussive massage guns penetrate up to an inch into your tissue and stimulate your muscles. Also, they speed up muscle recovery and activate the nervous system.

Furthermore, massage therapy can also be effective for treating anxiety, digestive disorders, and insomnia. You can use this therapy at home before and post workout sessions. After knowing these benefits, you should get a deep tissue percussion muscle massager right away!

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