6 Ways Massage Therapy Can Benefit Your Overall Health And Well-Being

The human body is prone to fatigue and insufficiency. Muscles are elastic tissues that have specific characteristics like flexibility, strength and endurance. Inactive lifestyle and postural abnormalities lead to tightness in our muscles and associated soft tissues. These less flexible muscles are easily fatigued and can slow down your daily activities. A good Calgary massage therapy session can boost healing in our tired muscles. A certified massage therapist performs soft tissue work to lengthen your tight muscles effectively.

Benefits of massage therapy:

Massage incorporates different movements and pressure techniques. A certified massage therapist uses these techniques to increase muscle�s flexibility, improve blood flow, reduce painful mediators, remove tight muscle knots, mobilize our fascia and boost the sense of overall well-being. If you assumed that massage is only for tight muscles, well, you must know that it can do much more than that. You can easily find a good center for massage therapy in Calgary or wherever you live. It can provide you following benefits:

1.   Pain reduction:

The biggest reason for generalized pain in your body is muscle soreness. It develops because of faulty posture and an inactive lifestyle. When muscles lose their performance, they become insufficient. In that case, even the slightest load on your muscles can trigger pain in them. Massage in Calgary and other areas of Canada are performed by certified massage therapists who are skilled enough in handling painful muscles. Specific massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, kneading, effleurage or tapping can effectively reduce your muscle pain, and you will surely feel lighter than air after your massage session. Give it a try!

2.   Improved blood circulation:

Another great benefit of massage therapy is improved blood supply in your muscles, tendons and vital organs. When the massage therapist presses a certain area, it triggers the release of some chemicals in your body that causes dilation of blood vessels in that area. Blood brings a lot of healthy nutrients and removes toxic mediators that are often associated with pain. Massage promotes healing in your body, and it also keeps stomach-heavy medications away.

3.�� Happy mood:

Sometimes life does not go in the right direction, and it can trigger frustration, anger or sadness in you. It is reported that depression affects humans of all ages, and no one is spared from this condition. People who have a history of chronic depression and anxieties can find massage therapy very helpful. A lot of depressed people seek help from a massage therapist for an obvious reason. It triggers happy hormones in your body. Regular massage sessions can reduce the chances of sudden agitation or sadness in you.

4.   Better muscle performance:

If you are an athlete, regular massage is imperative for you. Muscles of active and athletic individuals are used in high-intensity exercises. Over time, these muscles lose their flexibility and efficiency. If you keep exerting your tight and insufficient muscles, the odds are really high that you will end up with painful cramps. The best way to avoid this situation is to book regular massage therapy sessions with a certified massage therapist. It keeps your muscles flexible, healthy and full of energy.

5.   Reduction of specific conditions:

Many illnesses have a direct effect on muscles. For example, patients who have fibromyalgia are reported to seek massage in Calgary quite frequently. You can find a certified massage therapist in your area as well who can release painful tender points in muscles. The reason for the increased dependency of these patients on massage is the proven reduction of painful episodes. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, trigger points, sciatica and chronic neck pain also find massage therapy very useful.

6.   Improved sleep:

People who work in shifts or spend a lot of time on cell phones are more prone to sleep disturbances. Insomnia is a condition in which a person finds it really difficult to sleep for recommended hours. Hypersomnia is quite the opposite condition in which a person sleeps a lot. In both conditions, muscles become insufficient, and their bodies are easily fatigued. Massage therapy is very beneficial, especially for insomnia patients. It relaxes the tight and painful muscles and promotes a sense of generalized well-being. Deep sleep is very important to nourish our brain and body. Most people don�t go into a deep sleep cycle, and thus they wake up with achy bodies. Massage therapy makes sure that you sleep like a baby.


Massage is used since the beginning of human civilization to promote generalized well-being and reduce general body pains. People with specific painful conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis often seek help from a certified massage therapist to reduce the painful episodes. 

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