Drinking Water Keeps You Healthy! Drink Water Daily

drinking water

Water is the fundamental need for all the people living on planet earth. As water plays a vital role in almost all body functions like improving digestion, brain function, circulation of blood, and various others. Thus once you should sufficient amount water regularly.

But with the increasing globalization and industrialization, the freshwater quality is getting poor with each passing year. Thus before drinking water, one should make sure that the drinking water is contamination free and safe for consumption.

As we have read in our childhood that water is a natural solvent and can dissolve almost everything in it. Due to this property water has become the home of various kinds of disease causing pathogens. These pathogens are potential and can cause various kinds of waterborne diseases.

Benefits Of Drinking Pure And Healthy Water?

As we have discussed in the above paragraph that water participates in almost all body functions thus it is crucial to get hydrated frequently and regularly. Below are some of the beneficial effects of drinking pure and healthy water.

Protect Us From Waterborne Diseases

The sickness which occurs due to drinking contaminated water is called a waterborne disease. Not only our nation but the entire nation across the world are suffering from this disease. Every year millions of people lose their life due to waterborne diseases.

But thanks to the water purifier which helps to contaminated free water all the time. A water purifier is based on advanced technology that eliminates all kinds of contamination, whether dissolved solids or microbes, present in water.  As a result, water becomes safe for drinking purpose and consumption of contamination free water make sure the risk of getting a waterborne disease is very less.

Number Of Death Occurred By Waterborne Diseases In India

Below listed table contains the total number of the cases registered & death occurred due to drinking of contaminated water or due to the waterborne diseases in India between 2013 to September 2017.

Improve Our Immune System

In the case of drinking contaminated water, your immune system encounters millions of disease causing pathogens every day on regular basis. As a result, your immune system gets weaken, and having a weak immune system makes you prone to getting various kinds of waterborne diseases.

But when you consume contamination free water then you prevent your immune to get exposed among various kinds of the potential pathogen as a result of your immune works better and prevent you from all kinds of water foreign invader or antigens. Thus one should practice drinking safe and contaminated water.

Previously boiling of water was sufficient to get contamination-free water but these days the water impurities are getting rigid and due to that it does not leave the water until it is treated by using the best water purification technology. Thus these days people need a water purifier at their place to get contamination-free water irrespective of the input water quality.

Improve Your Skin Health And Make It Brighter

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and it contains almost 64% water in it. In the case of low water, concentration skin becomes dehydrated as a result skin loses its elasticity which leads to dry skin or wrinkles. Even the loss of 1% of water leads to dehydration. Thus one should drink the optimum amount of water regularly so that skin’s elasticity can remain maintained.

How Much Water One Should Drink Regularly?

It is mainly based upon age, sex, and physical activity. According to the research, a healthy adult male should drink 2.5-3.5 liters of water every day regularly whereas a healthy adult female should drinking 2-3 liters of water every day regularly.


Above we have discussed how drinking water is crucial for us but also discuss how pure water is crucial for living a healthy life. And with the increasing urbanization, the water impurities are also getting rigid and do not leave the water easily. Thus we need to have a water purifier at our home to get healthy water flawlessly. To have a water purifier at your home you can visit the RO service center.

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